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The Night King Cometh

April 15, 2019 · in Figures · · 1 ≡

In honor of the start of the 8th (and final) Season of Game of Thrones, here is my completed attempt of 's scale Night King (or King of The Night as it listed on the box.)

Let me get this off the first, I am not a figure modeler (Bandai Star Wars character models do not count.) I do not claim any expertise in the art. So all the flaws are mine and mine alone.

The kit's details are pretty good and capture the spiky head and cold eyes of the character.

This ICM kit is not the easiest kit to build. It requires a fair amount of old school modeling to get to fit together. The legs and the armored skirt were the hardest part of the kit to assemble. The rest was pretty easy.

I painted the parts separately and "weathered" based on the pics from the TV show which explains why the Night King's face looks like he took a bath in Cobalt Blue (actually Light Azure Blue Watercolor.)

Finally assembly was pretty quick (used CA glue mostly, but certain appendages used Tamiya Extra Thin.)

The final steps involved weathering with AK's zinc oxide to get the dusted snow look on the armor and painting the eyes which in 1/16 scale was not easy and spraying on the final coats (flat for the armor and semi gloss for the exposed skin.) I think I managed to get the dead ice cold blue eyes looking right.

If you are looking for a change of pace or want to get into figures then this kit would be a good simple start.

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  1. Nicely done, Dan! I wouldn't want to run into HIM in a dark alley!

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