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Fw-190Aa-3 in Turkish service (Zvezda 1/72)

Fw-190Aa-3 of Turkish Air Force (additional “a” means ausländisch). Turkey received up to 100 airplanes in 1942-43 as a result of a barter deal. Fw-190 were in service till the 1950, being the last German fighter used by TAF.

It’s a Zvezda “easy assembly” Fw-190A-4 snap kit converted into A-3 version. Turkish version had no 20mm MG 151/20 cannons, so I’ve removed it also. I was using custom masks for national insignia and numbers, rest of the stencils – kit decals.

Camouflage pattern painted freehand using new AK Real Colors paints. Also, I’ve tried black basing and marbling instead of pre-shading. Weathered with oils and pigments.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses to Fw-190Aa-3 in Turkish service (Zvezda 1/72)

  1. Beautiful and interesting color scheme.
    I did not know that Germany exported their Fw-190s.
    Therefore Spitfires and Fw-190s flew together as friends… in the Turkish Air Force!

  2. Beautiful work as always, Dmitry…be glad to provide my address if you have another one of those lighters – 🙂 🙂

  3. Beautiful model, especially for the scale. Love the paint work on it. Well done.

  4. Nice Job. The paint scheme is different from the norm for FW-190’s. Love seeing the different paint schemes.

  5. VERY well done! It’s interesting to see these airplanes “dressed” in different schemes – compared to WWII German

  6. Great job on the Focke Wulf and nice to see some different markings!


  7. Very sharp work Dmitry. The camo scheme is outstanding!

  8. Beautiful work, Dmitry. Have you thought about building a Japanese 190?

  9. Fw-190A-3s surviving into the 1950s? Wouldn’t it be nice if they hadn’t all ended on the scrap heap and reduced to aluminum ingots.

    This is a beautiful model!

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