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M3 Stuart “Honey” & Matilda III (Infantry Tank Mark IIА *) Kaunter scheme

May 4, 2019 · in Armor · · 16 ≡

Good afternoon, dear colleagues!
I present the just completed double of two models of tanks of the British Empire in service in North Africa. I really wanted to implement different versions of the Kaunter scheme, and therefore the idea was born to assemble two tanks at once in two-color and three-color camouflage variants. The assembly had to work a lot with the M3 . The model was released long ago and does not accurately convey the image of an American tank in the service in the desert. was fine and demanded small improvements. I made rolls of tarpaulin and blankets of the crew and finalized the antenna fixing unit.
These turned out brothers in arms. 🙂

With all respect, Andrey.

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  1. Andrey, take it from an old tanker who spent many moons under desert sunshine, you did really well with these examples. The 2 different schemes look great and are well executed.

    Your additions & tarps, etc. look great!


  2. Sharp looking builds, Andrey. Nice job!

  3. Very good tanks, that scheme is one of my favourites, wich is perhaps trickier to paint than one initially thinks. Fantastic double presentation

    • Pedro, thank you! I’ve been building models for more than 20 years, but this is the first time I’ve taken this coloring! For me it was a test! ))))
      With all respect, Andrey.

  4. Extremely well done, Andrey...outstanding work right there.

    • Craig, thanks! For me, the campaign in North Africa is very interesting! Hope that I have enough time to build other models of Allied equipment for that period. They are very interesting to me.
      With all respect, Andrey.

  5. Lovely work Andrey!

  6. Andrey,
    I love what you have done with these kits, the Matilda is my favourite all time tank, I have the same kit here on iModeller ,I was pretty pleased with mine but your weathering is better. Why don't you add the crew to finish her off though ?.Well done on a great combo.

    • Neil, very pleased for the positive evaluation of my work!
      Camouflage for the desert - complex camouflage! And I was going for a long time to execute it on a model. Gaining experience. 🙂 But the figures for me is not yet achievable. I am now doing a diorama, but I gave the figures to the other master. I still can not.
      With all respect, Andrey.

  7. A nice set of tanks! They look great.

  8. very fine work

  9. A great job of weathering and also in duplicate


  10. Thank you friends for the kind words that inspire me to continue building models!
    With all respect, Andrey.

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