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Moson Model Show 2019 – Part 7 (Aircraft, 1/72 scale)

May 3, 2019 · in Show Reports · · 4 · 7.4K
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Our review of aviation models at the 2019 wouldn't be complete without a selection of 1/72 scale aircraft. By kind permission of the show organizers we were able to produce quality studio photos of selected models in this category. We believe that this style of photography does more justice to each model!

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Stay tuned for the remaining coverage from the 2019 Moson Model Show - additional galleries will be published soon.
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4 responses

  1. Wow! I think that Caproni is an old Meikraft kit. Thanks for sharing all of the pics from this show.

  2. Wow...that "headline" pic is outstanding - (so's that 'splintered' Mig 21). Great stuff!

  3. Nnnnniiiiccce!

    That clapped-out Gannet is superb. I think it takes a whole lot more effort to make a clapped-outwreck - be it airplane, car or anything else - is tons harder than the nice clean operational item.

    The splinter-camo MiG - 1/72? Amazing.

    Everything's really nice, lots of great work on display.

    One technical detail for Beaufighter modelers, regardless of scale: the ordnance load is torpedo OR rockets, not torpedo AND rockets. Easy-peasy. The model is still nice, regardless.

  4. Some lovely builds there, the mig in splinter is marvelous, the caproni Ca3 is superb. Hope to get to the show next year


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