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Republic RF-84F Thunderflash 1/48

May 8, 2019 · in Aviation · · 32 · 4.2K

The RF-84F Thunderflash was the dedicated reconnaissance version of the Republic F-84F fighter-bomber. The classic “Streak” intake having been moved to the wing roots a new streamlined nose housed the air reconnaissance cameras. The thunderflash was equipped with 6 cameras.
Between 1955 and 1958 24 Thunderflashes (FR1 - FR24) were delivered to the Belgian Air Forces . To cover for losses by accidents 6 additional aircraft (FR25 - FR30) were bought by the Belgian Air Force in 1963, these aircraft were former U.S.Air National Guard jets. In January 1965 another 4 aircraft (FR31 - FR34) were bought from the German Luftwaffe. After the introduction of the Mirage, the remaining Thunderflashes were put into storage at Koksijde and scrapped, the 'national' aircraft were kept for preservation purposes at various locations.
FR27 firts stored at Koksijde, then preserved at Florennes airbase, is now a monument at Spa-La Sauvenière airfield (near francorchamps circuit).

This model comes from Tan Model kit with some scratch parts in camera bay and landing gear.

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  1. This is a model I definitely need in my stash. You have built an excellent rendition of this very important NATO warrior. Superb finish and detailing makes this model shine in all the right places. Well done !

  2. Christian, Really nice paint work, making for a very realistic looking finish. Your model actually looks better than the real one you have pictured. I like it a lot !

  3. Lovely work Christian - super paint and finish - wonderful build!

    • Many thanks David. I see on your pictures (june award) that your workbench isn’t larger than mine !
      I dream of a real workrooom with much space… ?

  4. Really well done version, Christian!

    This is my favorite of the many F-84 versions/models.

  5. Spectacular work, sir...VERY nicely done. 🙂

  6. absolutely stunning camo and cockpit

  7. Hello Christian,
    I am impressed with the high quality of this finished model.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. Christian: Congratulations on a superb build...I really like your very precise attention to detail. The completed model is simply spectacular.

  9. That's really well done. What paints did you use? I have that kit in the stash and may build it in a similar US ANG scheme.

    • For Nato camo, i used Gunze and Tamya acrylics (alcohol as thinner and Tamya lacquer thinner for the later). Then a coat of gloss clear Tamya before (and after) decals.
      And finishing with Alclad "light sheen" coat.
      For detailed colours, ask me i you want more informations.
      Many thanks John.

  10. nice job dude, that looks really cool!

  11. A real beauty! Love the scheme and the detail work. Well done.

  12. A perfectly balanced build, a definitly like your Belgian Flash 🙂 good contender for MoM in my opinion

  13. Wow, someone actually finished that underwhelming doorstop, and did so in amazing fashion! A triumph of talent and tenacity over a box full of less-than-promised.

    Excellent work, Christian.

    • Thanks for this flattering comment Tom. Indeed, despite a nice neat presentation, this kit presents poorly molded parts and some gaps like tail clear light, landing front light,... Notice is beautiful but vague, panel lines are those of a 1/32 scale, decals ar not a big deal,... Let's remember this kit is not cheap.

  14. Amazing detail ! Nice looking aircraft, you can see the design influence that later became the F-105.

    • It's well observed : the prototype AP-63-FBX (1400kmh, 2 nuclear bombs in soute and 6 x 450kg bombs under wings) is an extended RF-84 which became the F105.
      Many thanks Robert.

  15. Wow! Nice work, great looking model.

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