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Update on Wingnut Wings Lancasters on Wingnut's website.

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  1. Just wish I had a deep pocket, a whole house division and a full year to buy & build such a beast of a kit. It looks just nothing short of amazing

  2. If you had a choice between HKM or WNW, which would you choose and why?

    • Hello James,
      I think modellers would wait until WNW released their Lancaster before making a decision. It could be because of price, or one was judged to be a better model.

      • The H-K Dam Buster is out now. I have a review copy and it is very nice. From using Mark Postlethwaite's definitive book on the Lancaster, it is quite accurate. It's also available now and considerably less expensive than the WNW kit will be. YMMV.

    • WNW simply because of their replication of the stressed skin. That alone makes the decision easy for me even if it is harder on the wallet. Something that scale and size would look too "perfect" without it. I have seen someone on the internet show how to do this quilted look but Wingnut just makes it easy for you! (I do hope it doesn't drop at the same time as HPH's B-52 as I have to pay the back half of that yet and money's already tight as I just replaced the diff in my Midget!)

  3. Are you going to do this, Julian?

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. It looks to be a very impressive model. I sincerely hope that both of you guys @davidathomas


    get some bench time soon...

  5. That looks like a real challenge to build. Not to mention challenging to find space to keep a completed one! But the result would be awesome!

  6. Funny for WNW to produce a WWII aircraft.

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