1/28 Spad XIII by Revell

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I got this model about two years ago from my Dad for Christmas. I had recently got into era vehicle because of the game Battlefield 1 (a WWI first person shooter). The XIII was a French fighter plane that was introduced in the later years if WWI (1917-18), used primarily by the U.S and France.

The Model

This was one of the most challenging models I have ever built, not because of the detail, but because of the horrible casting, there are ares in this model that are more putty than plastic. In the end it turned out pretty decent. Its hard to tell now, but the front area of the fuselage (white and red part) is almost all putty.

This was the first model I've made with any wood pieces and I was nervous about painting the propeller, but my Dad gave me some tips and I practiced a bit until got the feel for it and went all in with the wood grain painting. I only used three acrylic colors for my wood effect. The propellers of that time were made out of sheets of wood laminated together (like a sandwich) and I feel that I pulled of that look pretty good.

This model was not very accurate either, the struts that hold the wings together were big rectangles that fit into trenches on the top and bottom of the wing so I had to cut those off and fill the trenches with more putty to give the plane a smoother look. I had to use a more than healthy amount of glue to fix the struts to the wings.

The painting was not too bad, I decided not to use putty to break up the colors and just let the airbrush make the soft edges. The best thing about this kit were the decals, they were accurate and very durable (not easy to tear). The markings on this plane were from a 103rd Aero Squadron - SPAD Spad XIII C.1 of Capt. Robert Soubiran, Serial # S7714.

The weathering on this model is not what hoped it to be it looks very smeary and I just could not get it to what I wanted it to look like, if anyone has advice for weathering WWI era planes (highlighting the ridges in the wing) I would be happy to hear it. This model was basically just practice for a 1/32 Sopwith Camel by Wingnut Wings I'm planning to build. Special thanks to my Dad, Matt Minnichsoffer (@coondog) for helping me learn new techniques along the way.

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  1. Fingered I’d be the first to comment since this is my son’s first post. The propeller really turned out great on this. Keep building Pal!


  2. You did a fine job ! I like how it looks. Judging by the look of things on your S.P.A.D., your Dad is steering you in the right direction with his tips and tricks. I remember building this same kit when I was a teenager. I still have it and about 20 years ago I gave it a makeover.

    Mine still doesn't look nearly as good as yours does.

    Keep up the great work !

    I'll be looking forward to seeing your Wingnut Wings Camel.


  3. Super work Carson!
    Nice build and weathering , your SPAD looks great in its US markings.
    Well done!

  4. Lovely piece of work, Carson. Taking on that rigging is a bold move, we’ll done.


  5. Carson, I've built this very bird. You'll notice (ahem) that I am not posting it on iModeler. Everything you have to say about its challenges, I can vouch for. But you'd never know it. You've done a fabulous job!

  6. Anyone who builds airplanes with struts and rigging has MY vote - this turned out pretty well in spite of the "shortcomings". Nice job, Carson.

  7. I still have the 1965 boxing and according to Scale Mates this kit was first issued in 1957. Revell is still going to the bank with this one. Considering the age of the kit back in the day, it was pretty decent. Not to today's standard but, your not going to be fooled into thinking its anything else.

    Carson the wooden prop is very convincing and the work done on this model it makes this 60+yr old kit stand out..

    Two thumbs up.

  8. Great job, Carson. The work you put in here deserves a medal. I think I have all of the Revell 1/28 bi- and triplanes, but have not started any of them. Mainly because of the work involved to bring the model up to some workable standard and things with strings and wires and stuff like that scare me. Kudos!

  9. Great job Carson, welcome to imodeler! My dad introduced me to the hobby many years ago, looks like yours gave you a head start as a pro! Very nice Spad!

  10. Thanks for all the kind words, and encouragement!

  11. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice representation , decent and sharp build Carson. You did very well on the rigging, nice skill.

  12. Hi Carson, you did a fantastic job on this kit! Love the way you did the woodgrain, but specialy how you have worked your way through all the challenges this kit brought you. And you did a fine job on the rigging too, you're miles ahead as I still have to find courage to start a WW-I aircraft laying in my stash.lol
    Looking forward to your Camel project.

  13. I don't post often, but your build reminds me of building this kit in the early 1970's (with much lesser results). It's good to build these old kits, (1) to work on skills, and (2) to gain appreciation of just how nice modern kits are. You will LOVE that Wingnut Sopwith kit! Great build and write up!

  14. Beautiful result! The prop looks spot on. If you managed this kind of result with this kit, the WnW Sopwith will be so much easier at least in the build stage.
    For ideas and inspiration regarding weathering on WWI planes have a look at AK's Aces High magazine issue 2, I think it's available at Google books. Personally I think some of the builds are a bit over the top when it comes to weathering but there are some nice techniques to pick up.


  15. Excellent build! The wood grain work is fantastic (I just tried it for my first time also), and the overall look of the model is really nice. Keep 'em coming!

  16. Well, Carson - your SPAD looks awesome! The rigging is great and the prop ... well, it doesn't get much better than it is. I WISH I could've done as well as you did when I was your age! Like most here, my Dad got me interested in modeling at about age 9. You're in good hands with your Dad.


  17. Nice! Great to see this old kit.

  18. Great job Carson. Some builds are just a test of patience. You passed that test and the plane looks great. I can't wait to see the WnW Camel.

    Plus, you've got a great mentor alongside. Take advantage.

  19. truly splendid work sir

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