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Ammo-Mig, T-54b, 1/72

Hi Everyone,
Here is my Ammo-mig, 1/72, T-54b.

This is quiet a new kit and since the T-54/55 tanks family are my most favored tanks of all time, I decided to build one. I got into this project with some concerns, because I’ve never built a 1/72 scale model, but soon after the start I understood that this one belongs to the upper league 😊

The parts are extremely detailed and with perfect fit, instructions are clear and simple and what I liked the most are the assist parts for track assembly and for accurate PE bending.
There are options for 8 camouflage schemes (Vietnam, Egypt, Syria), but I decided to paint a Soviet version.
Main colors are A.mig-083 and washable white. weathering effects by Ammo-mig and AK. Also a home made wash using Abteilung 502 engin grease with Ammo-mig enamel odorless thinner.
Build was almost straight out of the box, with minor modifications on turret handles. Total building/painting/weathering time was 14 hours… I finished it in four days😊
Have a great weekend guys, and sorry for my English 😎

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses to Ammo-Mig, T-54b, 1/72

  1. Your English is great, Allon … just like your T-55!

  2. Beautiful work! Makes me want to try one myself.

  3. Looks great – especially in 1/72! Well done.

  4. Impressive little tank Allon, very convincing weathering!

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