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More poor quality from Airfix!

I purchased an Airfix C-47 yesterday. When inspecting the parts, I noticed this.
I contacted Airfix. I received the standard email saying part unavailable.
I would think very carefully before buying the new Hellcat from Airfix. Their after sales and spares are appalling!

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19 responses to More poor quality from Airfix!

  1. Don’t stress brother. From what I can see, all that windscreen needs is a little light sanding and a dip in Future and she should be good as new.

    • Thank you Seamus. That’s a very good idea. It’s a bubble within the moulding. It’s more about the attitude of Airfix than the defective part.

      • Ah, I did not see that it was a bubble within. Still, easily solved. Take a small drill bit and drill into the bubble (just not all the way through). Then lightly sand and dip into Future. The Future will fill the bubble and, when dry, that whole mess will disappear.

        • Thank you Seamus. I’ll drill a hole from the inside and do as you suggest. I appreciate your help, thanks again.

          The main thing is the fact Airfix would rather ping me a few emails than get one out of the kits they have in stock and send the part to me.

          They told me to return it to the shop. They won’t pay for the postage, that’s down to the trader. I’ve contacted him, and he immediately said he would give a full refund.
          But I’m not giving Airfix the satisfaction of holding someone else responsible for their poor quality product.

          • I am quite surprised by Airfix’s attitude towards you. Some time ago, I purchased their 1/24 Hawker Typhoon with the bubble canopy. Let me tell you, that bubble canopy was so marred that it was totally beyond repair. I penned them a letter (yeah, an actual letter) describing my predicament. Two weeks later I received a package from Airfix containing not one, but two, perfectly molded bubble canopies along with a letter of apology. Seems to me that their customer service/quality control has changed since then. All I can say is do what you have to do and I hope you get satisfaction.

          • I’m pleased you got a replacement. That’s an expensive kit.

  2. On the bright side, the windshield is two flat panels, a couple of pieces of clear plasticard (or CD/DVD case or whatever) cut to size and cemented in will leave one tiny seam at the joint. Mask the joint with tape (leaving about a 1/32 gap between the pieces of tape) and fill and sand. Good to go!

    It is disappointing that Airfix has these quality issues when their new kits are so nice.

    Another thought – the current release of the C-47/DC-3 is kit # A08015A. Ask for a replacement sprue from this release instead. The plastic is all the same.

  3. Sorry to hear of your issues with Airfix, Julian. There have been so many folks praising their newest releases that it’s a bit surprising to hear of these issues.

    Best of luck. I hope you get the clear sprue that you need!

  4. Pain felt. The three new releases that I built were problematic. I found the plastic with all three of them very soft yet brittle, making smaller pieces difficult to cut from the frames. Problems were also encountered with breakage during assembly. The pilot figurines were really bad, as if the cutter had broken off when the mold was being machined. (had better ones with Matchbox)
    The decals were the hi point with all three kits.

  5. This is the really sad thing, because Airfix really is back, when one considers the choices of products, the product design, etc. But the QC issue is going to kill them if they don’t end the contract with the fakakte (a Yiddish word that means exactly what it sounds like) Indians, who don’t appear to have a clue about pulling plastic from the molds right. They’ve got to tell the bean counters that they’re limited to sugestions of what kind of Chinese takeout to order for lunch. Those people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing!

    I have written them on this topic several times. They’re getting badly dinged over at The Other Place after Brett Green published photos of the collection of scrap plastic he found in his FR XIV kit.

    I hate the thought that things are going from “Airfix is back!” to “Airfix is c r a p!”

  6. After reading your comments, I grabbed my D-Day edition C-47, which was also manufactured in India, off the stash shelf and double checked the sprues. All looks okay including the clear parts. I bought this kit in mid 2018. The blue-ish plastic seems typically Airfix soft but no blems that I could find.

    And today the postal guy delivered two new Airfix kits both manufactured in the UK.

    The Curtiss P-40B looks superb with dainty panel lines and fine detail. First time I’ve seen new Airfix plastic molded in gray! No blems or short shots here. Thanks to Tom C. for recommending this kit. Looks like a winner!

    Also got the all new Spitfire FR Mk.XIV that I’ve read injection issues about. I just looked at the sprues and all seems fine to me. Great inner wall cockpit detail! Let’s see what happens when I start building it.

    Airfix seems to be back on track in my book.

  7. Gott’a make a correction. I just noticed on the side of the box that the first release of the Spitfire FR XIV I received is indeed molded and manufactured in India. No problems that I notice.

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