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1/144 Ole Yeller

Hi Builders, I’ve been lurking for a few months now and thoroughly enjoying the site. I figured I’d jump in with both feet today and share this diminutive Mustang I completed in January. This is Minicraft’s P-51D in 1/144 scale. I had finished reading Bob Hoover’s amazing book Forever Flying, and it inspired me to try to recreate Ole Yeller.

The paint is Model Master’s chrome yellow acrylic. The decal set is from Draw Decals, and described as ‘next generation silk.’ The carrier film completely dissolves with Micro Sol, and they lay down like a dream!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to 1/144 Ole Yeller

  1. Fabulous work.


  2. Nice job on this! I hate masking canopies in 1/72 – I can’t believe having to do it in 1/144!

  3. I remember watching Bob up at Reno – every performance exactly the same. I remember some airplane gnu saying “He just does the same thing every time.” To which I replied, “Yes, that’s hard to do.”

    Nice work on this.

  4. Great build, nice presentation!

  5. Superb workmanship on such a scale…..excellent job! Welcome to the site. 🙂

  6. That is one fine tribute to Bob! – never had the chance to see his displays, but saw movie of him making a display in a twin-engined Aero Commander – with the engines stopped! – barrel-rolls and all AND landing and stopping right in front of the audience, hitting the brakes hard to make the plane “bow and greet” – What a man! (In that film he also poured water into a glass – while making a barrel-roll!)

    Thank you for this little gem to make us remember a great man!

  7. Thanks all! I was pushing myself to go smaller and smaller. I masked the canopy with liquid frisket; not perfect but good enough for my first try. Now if I could just find a decent Aero Commander 🙂

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