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Failed experiment

July 25, 2019 · in Diorama · · 11 ≡

Well, this one was made before Imodeler was the best site for modelers.
The floor could have been better and lacks industrial look but there are to many models in queue to do a remake.
The idea of course came from all the zombie movies, games, and super soldier ww2 experiments.

what you cant recognize was scratchbuilt and rest was stolen from various kits,
the normal are 1/48 and super soldiers are 1/35

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11 responses

  1. A new topic awaits...’Post Apocalyptic Modeling’.

    Some serious imagination at work in the backstory of this project. Hey, I know a good shrink...


  2. Delightfully gruesome.

  3. I wouldn't call it a "failed" experiment...just an 'experiment' - besides, I like it. 🙂

  4. Interesting concept. Quite imaginative. The only thing I might add is some blood on the lower track that had dripped from the upper track and a trail of blood behind it on the floor.

    Where do the body parts go?

    • i overlooked blood on tracks.
      well body parts go through the saws, but none of the zombies in scene is being sawn so
      no parts on the floor.

    • Michael, should we be worried at the level of thought you are applying to Matija’s morbid masterwork?

      • David, I was once told by a Capt. in the fire service with me that I was the most analytical person he had ever met. I don’t know if he meant that as a compliment. lol. I was just thinking about additional contamination. Body Substance Isolation was something we were taught in the fire service.

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