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Williams Brothers 1/48 Ford Flivver

Hi All,
This is a delightful little kit. I added a lap belt, instrument bezels, some stretched sprue rigging for the tail and spark plug leads. You could probably do it in a weekend but I took a bit longer because as usual life got in the road of hobby time.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to Williams Brothers 1/48 Ford Flivver

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen this a/c modeled…nice work.

  2. Prettiest little thing ever!

  3. Thanks Stellan, It makes a good contrast to all the green and gray along side it in the display case

  4. Very nice, this classic kit brings back some mid 80s memories, because a wonderful model of this kit (much like yours here) was one of the cover images of a book about building scale models, a book I read hundreds of times back then. I recall particularly the scratch building chapter, full of superb techniques/photos and hints about using common household material to improve the basic kit details. Remember that back then most of the AM stuff we have today was still a toddler industry, hardly accessible or affordable. Thanks for posting this beauty!

  5. Very nice – I also had never seen one of these before. Looks great!

  6. This is such a nice little runabout – thanx for sharing!

  7. I have built their Corben Super Ace and have wanted this kit to sit next to it. Brett Industries hasn’t re-released the Flivver or Super Ace yet but most of the other kits are out now. (They also sell decals for those of us with older kits in our stash!) Great job on it and I really like the fact that it’s the one that EAA has sitting at Pioneer airport!

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