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Renault tank FT-17

The worlds first modern tank at the armistice clairière in France.
The museum was remodelled in 2018 and features a most interesting display on the surrender of the imperial German army on November 11 1918 that ended WW1 and the subsequent French capitulation on June 28 th of 1940. It shows that revenge was a motivator of Germany to start WW2.
These photos may help you in modelling this remarkable vehicle.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

4 responses

  1. Yikes...that's some weird camo (but it works) - 🙂

    • Hi Craig.Yes. In thinking of this camouflage it must me the french version on Dazzle. One could see that it might confuse an opponent during heat or cold , surnrise or dusk, fog, rain ,gunpowder smoke ,searchlights etc.. that it added More confusion while in the nightmare of War.

      Not sure where it came from but I am pretty sure it is accurate repaint job. A lot of these tanks were made but I never saw one quite like this one. The extra can of fuel in the rear is interesting as well.

      Tacom has a model of the FT-17 I heard it is a nice kit.

      Have fun with your current build.


  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Great photos, Bernard! Thanks for sharing them with us. That looks like an interesting place to visit.

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