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Smile for the TIMES

I think this can be called finished. Although, I am still adding small details here and there still. But here are some photos of diorama in its entirety since the last time I uploaded, under a different title. I have been struggling with it because of my figure painting skills over the two year period. I was never satisfied with the results, which always ended up being put aside until I could improve my skills. So here it is with another added, two figures. The theme is simple. Somewhere in Iraq, a group of insurgents are running towards a fight, to help their fellow comrades. Just has they run by the corner of the building, a freelance photographer is kneeling around the corner taking their photos, which in turn will be sold to the 'TIMES' magazine.

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses

  1. That’s realistic! Nice job.

  2. As usual, your work is impeccable. Very nice job Mr. King! Very nice.

  3. Exceptional work on a very detailed diorama. One thing I learned working on my model railroad is that scenes are never really done and more detail can always be added. At some point you simply have to stop. Your diorama looks perfect!

  4. More superbness from Charles.

  5. "...improve my skills..." - ? I sure don't see where any 'improvement' is needed in ANY of your dioramas you've posted over the years. Attention to detail is "above & beyond".
    Stunning workmanship, Charles - as usual.

  6. Great skills at work, Charles. One thing I came across lately for another project is stenciling. Do you transfer from an inktjet-printed image? What is your technique and what glues/transfer liquids do you use? Eager to learn from you!

  7. Un diorama muy currado, con toda clase de detalles... muy guapo.

  8. Thank you, Michel Verschuere. The stenciling are actually decals. I download the photos of what I like and send the photos off to a friend, who transfer them to decal form. Then I apply them with decal solution. There have been times that I use prints that I print out on paper and just glue them to the building using pva glue diluted heavily, depending on the thickness of the paper.

  9. Another Charles King masterpiece. Outstanding, Chas!

  10. As always, love the small detail touches and the dynamic tension in your figure-oriented dioramas.

  11. Tell us about the figurines!

  12. πŸ™‚ … Greetings … πŸ™‚ :

    Whewwwwww … This power outage went for long, seems close to a year. Hopefully this time it will be ok. Things here after Hurricane Maria … looking kind of better. And know with a new governor things seem somewhat brighter. This past Friday, members of Electrical Power Companies ( exterior assistance ), were here working on a few transformer and installations.

    Hopefully I will be able to log in as usual … πŸ™‚ . Normally, when I do any reply, I start from the first one. But Charles my friend, you have made me do things differently ( I really don't mind, change is good ) . Your scene is the last one in this " page ", I felt compelled to make my reply.

    This scene is a very nice and interesting change of things. A well done and executed scene. Details are varied and well done. The colors chosen fit the part and in no way do they scream out. That second figure running kind of remembers me of a young Danny Trejo.

    A job well done Charles, this one for sure gives me a WELCOME BACK FELING , thank you for sharing this project and the images.

    • Cheers DE4EVER. I am glad everything are going back to normality. On this end we are bless not to have anybof those horrible weather events like you guys have. God bless.
      Thank you kindly for your kind words. That figure you mentioned, really never thought of it. I will have to look more closely.

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