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Wurzburg radar

August 25, 2019 · in Photo Collections · · 8 Comments

At the Atlantic wall museum in Belgium.

This German radar is the only one known to be mounted on a railroad flat car and was used, like many others in the emerging field of radio telescopy after WW2 .

This is the type that prompted the famous Bruneval Commando raid to capture the vital innards of this frighteningly effective AA radar . Some people have scratch built this machine for their diorama ! There is a Chinese made kit together with AA gun that looks well made in 1/72 scale, minus the metal mesh on the dish. Pricy but a piece of the german war puzzle nonetheless.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses

  1. Thanks for this, Bernard.

  2. Raversijde rules! Best from Waregem and thanks for posting 😉

    • Hi Michel. As you know Belgium is at the Heart of WW1 and 2. No wonder being right next to Germany !
      I heard So Many stories from my parents and grandparents on this.. all like legends fading away slowly. The artefacts Will be all that remains. That and good story telling.
      Thank you.

  3. Wow...wouldn't THAT be a nightmare to build using PE ! 🙁

  4. Nice pics, thanks for posting.

  5. More great photos, Bernard!

    I had no idea that kits of these existed. Might be an interesting build.

  6. Great to know. Thanks for the info . I fantasise of making a diorama with one of these in there !
    The radar in Raversijde looks extremely well made. Quality workmanship while the war neared the end for the 3d Reich. How did they manage to do this I do not know.

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