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Well,this kit was admired by me since the early 70ies. I never got it cause Airfix was easy to get, kind of exotic American. No one else made a condor at that time.Thanks to eBay I got the Revell scale condor last winter. Original box . Never built, an artefact from 50 years ago...I broke my teeth on this one thinking it was going to be easy to build. for a kit that old it actually went together really well. Then came the clear parts and masking. I did not want this to become a test piece but it almost did. Smudges, finger prints and a bunch of re-do later it became not the Albatros that this revolutionary commercial airliner made bomber was, but truly a soaring condor ! I ditched the complicated landing gear just when it was ready to go in cause at that moment i could only think of a condor in flight.

If anyone has a good technique for hanging a model from the ceiling let me know !. I got the decals from Extra-decals. Which I like a lot. And chose the KG- 40 model that has my name initials on it , BB ! I freehanded the aft scratched lines on top of the hull and am more carful now on what I embark upon ! I did not finish the top panoramic dorsal position. I’ll paint on the frames at some other tIme , maybe saw it open and install a MG on it. Right now it is a tribute for the crews that had to do so much with very little.

The bottom of the model is where I ruined the gondola aft windows. Glue and overspray. I considered painting all but decided to continue save what could be and complete by not giving up and having learned for the next one.

The condor was designed as an airliner. The war made it available as a long range aircraft for the Battle of the Atlantic . It did a lot. Carry too much weight. Make strafing runs on hapless ships solo or in teams and range from Portugal at times all the way to Norway via The west coast of Ireland, south coast of Iceland to land in Norway doing what it could best . Stay aloft for hours ranging the vast oceanic expanses like a condor, where normally only Albatros roamed.

This aircraft was the first German airplane shot down my the then US Army air force . By a P-38 stationed in Iceland in 1942.

The Paint is Tamiya spray cans RLM Colors. ( expensive but good stuff ) Since then I got a Paasche compressor and airbrush. Can’t wait to start experimenting with it next winter when the days are short and creativity long, on a He-219 By Revell same vintage .. and 2 He-177 by Airfix. KG-40 and the Battle of the Atlantic are my main interests in kit making. That and the opponents. A huge list of aircraft !

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  1. Looks pretty good, but we modelers always wanna lotta pictures! πŸ™‚

  2. Very nice ! I remember seeing the kit listed in Revell's 1969 catalogue.

  3. Nice-looking build. Great results with rattle can paints. If you just got an airbrush, you have a great journey ahead. Enjoy!

  4. Cool kit, i've a Condor on my long wish list of aircraft to be done in the future. Spray cans can get you a really nice paint job but once you get your airbrush skills going you'll love it!

  5. Nicely done Bernard, more pics would be my one recommendation.

  6. Looks great! I think the Condor I have in my stash is similar vintage...

  7. πŸ™‚ … Greetings … πŸ™‚ :
    Nice build Bernard, don't see many Condors.

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