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HK Models new 1/48th B-17G

HK Models are to release a new 1/48th scale B-17G before the end of the year.
The images are from the HK website.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Wow, finally a new tool B-17, not from Tamiya to fill in for the long time and only choice Monogram/Revell’s kit. It looks like taking the 32nd scale kit and scaled it down to 48th. Can’t wait. What an end to amazing year for WWII multi engine aircraft. Still hoping that the new B-26B/C kits is released as well. Thanks for the update. Really great news.

  2. I bet it will cost a pretty penny. Also didn’t the 1/32nd one have shape issues in the nose? If they just scaled it down we may still have Monogram best for shape, but this one best for “modern” features. My biggest gripe with the last Monogram kit was the molds are now old and worn, still a decent fit, but not great in may areas, especially the glass. Still the options of Cheyenne tail turret, and looks like staggered waist? Will be nice!

    • Hello Rob.

      I’ve posted a couple of images I’ve seen online to give an idea of the price.
      Also a link to some photos on Facebook so you can see if the nose looks correct in the 1/48th version.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • Price in the US will be $119.95, probably around $105-$110 at discount. This is not an unreasonable price and is a good $25-$30 less than Tamiya is currently pricing their ancient Lancaster kit at.

      The “shape issue” involves a discreet “flattening” of the nose forward of the cockpit. Something not done by any other B-17 kit in any scale and unwhined about until the H-K 1/32 kit was released. You can put it in the same category as the whining about what angle the horizontal stabilizer is at on P-51 kits – something the i d i o t s never worried about until Eduard made the mistake of mentioning the difference between P-51s with fabric elevators and with metal elevators with their new release.

      Most of this baloney is limited to the nits over at Hyper-flail.

      • Probably why I couldn’t remember specifics about what was wrong! I do find the anal clinching on HS pretty entertaining though!

        • Rob @robertandy

          It’s rather fun reading the various complaints isn’t it ??? They sound a little like this:

          This part is .00072 MM too short AND they failed to effectively capture the look of the XBY-257 C !!!! On the real one that would equate to 1/16th of an inch on a plane with a 130 feet long wingspan, and now the kit is fatally flawed …………… Everyone knows this. Plus the rivets are way too big, and the panel lines are too deep.

          Too funny, (and sad) all at the same time.

          Life is too short.

      • I can’t stand rivet counters. A good example is my AZ Models Ki-48 Lily. They said the nose was wrong and fit was terrible etc etc. I loved it and it looks like a Lily to me.
        Good thing I don’t listen to rivet counters. Lol

        • Interestingly, AZ did listen and if you can get the second release (not easy, since there is no differentiation on the outside of the box), they changed the nose to something more accurate.

          I remember back in 2008, when I reviewed the then-new Dragon 1/32 P-51D with a description of trying to make a too-small cockpit fit into a too large fuselage and such, right up to where I binned it, concluding with a photo of the kit in the trash can, after pointing out that numerous modelers had pointed these failures out to them when the test shots were displayed at shows, to be told “We’ll fix that” (they didn’t). Oh! Horrors! Tom Cleaver is destroying the hobby! People were saying it could lead to the companies not releasing kits if we weren’t properly appreciative in knuckling our brows to them. One dum-dum even posted that I only wrote good reviews when I got a “piece of the action” on sales of the kit. Dragon got into it, with their bloggers attacking me and claiming “modelers only want to have fun building models.” The topper was when the Largest Slowest Person over at Large Slow People, who was given a kit to review by Dragon, began his review “I don’t know anything about the P-51D, but this kit looks pretty darn good to me…” Several people built and posted the kit, to prove i was wrong, except their results proved I was right.

          And then, the next year, Dragon released their 1/32 Bf-110. The instruction sheet listed the names of the Subject Matter Experts they consulted in designing the kit. It was (and is) in fact a very good kit, and when I reviewed it, I said so.

          And in all the years since, Dragon has released well-researched, well-designed kits.

          Proving that even model companies can respond to a good whacking.

          • Oh God, I built the Dragon P-51 and It was complete sh*t. I also remember that pic of your garbage can lol.

          • Actually, Thomas, the new boxing of the Lily has a prominent red trim and new artwork. The old kit is in the 2008 style. and no longer available. One small plus is that they include the I-Go “Cruise Missile” remote control glider bomb & Cart in the red box as well as the new bits..which definitely improve the look of the nose. (I managed to find one here in NZ!)
            This is the original artwork….. and the red trim is the re-release.

            2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

          • Good to know if I ever spot one. Thanks.

  3. The list of unmet kits is getting shorter and shorter. My only complaint is that too many great kits are hitting the stores almost at once, my wallet just can’t cope. My money goes first to a certain P-38 and then a much anticipated DR.1.

  4. The kit comes out in late October, I have a review kit on the way. Price in the US is $119.95 – likely around $105-$110 on discount.

    The kit is a scale-down of the excellent 1/32 kit (for those geeks who think a minor “mistake” is a “fatal failure”, the upper part of the nose has been “flattened” the amount that no one else but the Red Lines Crowd can see). It’s the early B-17G with unstaggered waist guns and the original “stinger” tail position.

    The kit is vastly superior to the ancient Monogram kit, with excellent fit throughout, full detail and clear parts thin enough you can see the detail inside.

    Shortly after the first of the year, a “scale-down” of the 1/32 Lancaster B.I/III will be released. Next year, a scale-down of the B-17E/F kit will be released, as will the B-25J in both “glass nose” and “strafer” version, and the B25H.

    Your bank account has been given fair warning. 🙂

    P.S. I dare someone to point out the “shape issue” on the 1/32 in this photo of the one I built. That’s because it’s so subtle, you can’t see it unless you’re part of the Micrometer Brigade.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. The good news is that HK has listened to the modeling community and now has bragging rights to having the best and most accurate nose in the realm of everything B-17. Those “Fan Boy’s” who demand the utmost in accuracy can pass away happy knowing that they can impress their friends and acquaintances in having the best.

    Here is proof of the flattened nose if you were to take a cross section. It is very

    Your HK B-17 is impressive TC.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. This looks like another kit for the wish list. I don’t know if I’ll end up purchasing one however at the time being. That could however change………………

    The old school Monogram B-17 kits I have in the stash will have to get built first. I plan on back dating one into an early “E” model and painting it in the Hawaiian Depot scheme.

    Now if they ever released a B, C, or D model that would be a different story !!! I’d jump on the bandwagon with everyone else……..

    This does look to be a very nice kit. As far as the “flat spot” goes, it’s not too noticeable from the inside of a real one…………. It’s there but you have to look hard to see it. I took these pictures about a year and a half ago. Notice along the top of the instrument panel. It’s not quite as round as the rest of the fuselage.

    If you didn’t know about this, 99.999 percent of the people would not catch it. Believe me even when you’re inside the real thing it’s very hard to notice.

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that. This looks like a fine kit…………… Someday I might just have to pull the trigger and get one. It all depends on the excess funds available at the Bank of Gardner. Most of the time there’s not an excess available !!!!

    For now there’s a certain Tamiya P-38 that I just have to get my hands on first. It has priority over any other new releases. The new 1/48 scale ICM A/B-26 is on the short list……………

    Julian, @shipwreck71
    Thanks for sharing this information with us. I didn’t know this one was coming out. The B-17 has a lot of decal choices, and is one of my favorite “heavies”, right alongside with the B-24, and the Lancaster.

  7. Even though I’ve come to prefer 1/72 for bombers, I’ll definitely pop for the Lancaster when it comes out! Thanks for the heads up Tom!

  8. I love Monogram’s B-17, but I’ll be giving this one a try. Hopefully an F will be available as well like the bigger versions. (Will gladly ditch my Revell F for a nice one.)

  9. Don’t think I will be putting the Monogram kit on the bottom of the pile anytime soon.

    • No, it is still quite nice and a fun build (and enough detail inside given how little you can see through the windows). I’ve always wondered why they molded the bomb bay doors closed though. Still have one to do along with a pair of B-24s. (One D one J.)

  10. Said my olde ex-Tanker buddy Louis; “It’s not quite as round as the rest of the fuselage.” Hilarious! Like Tom said, only die-hard members of the “Micrometer Brigade” will likely notice! Listening to the naysayers can be quite entertaining, actually. Speaking as one who appreciates great accuracy but who doesn’t demand it for practical reasons, this model (and what I’ve seen of the new Lanc, etc.) looks to be beautifully detailed. I’d love to get one of each, but as I’ve realised already, I doubt I’ll finish the 100+ models I already have! (And none of the aircraft models I have come near to the detail shown here!) Heck, my stash still includes about 6 or 7 of the old Hawk/Testors Air Racer series and all the original Monogram 1/48th scale beauties … including the B-17, B-24, & the B-29. Anyone care to make me an offer?

    As I said, this new HK B-17G is a great looking model kit that anyone would be proud to have! Thanks Julian Shawyer @shipwreck71 for posting this and Tom Cleaver @tcinla for adding information!

  11. Nobody who has ever looked at my finished kits had done so with a calipers and a reference book. Granted, nobody wants to build a kit that’s not accurate, but at the end of the day, it’s still a model. In buy one. Looks like fun to build.

  12. I still like the old Monogram kit. This HK kit is a nice site to see and it should be worth every penny.

  13. Some have said the fuselage is too “fat”?

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