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Sandy, where have you been?

September 4, 2019 · in Aviation · 35 Comments

OK folks, it looks like it`s has been a long while since I posted anything here so I apologize if things are a bit haphazard for now.

So, like most of us, we cannot keep to building one kit at a time, I now have several going on, but this is the easiest one to post for now.

The venerable Douglas A 1 H , the Spad, been around for ages, 1947 I think. She did sterling service in the Far East.

The parts.
I have done a fair bit to her but this is just to see if I remember how to post pics as well.

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  1. Hello Simon,
    Indeed, the SPAD has a long and distinguished service career. Besides that, I like the Italeri plastic models. Looking forward to see this model coming out of the factory.
    Regards, Dirk

  2. Love the AH-1 - never built this particular kit, though - go get 'em, Tiger! 🙂

  3. The kit is basic, no raised detail in the cockpit, just decals for the IP and side consoles.
    The engine is well moulded with minimal seams/flash.
    The wheel bays as you will see later are basic, and the main U/C isn`t good either.
    Under wing stores are minimal to say the least.
    The main fit of fuselage to wing seems OK at the moment but will see.

    Will post some more pics as soon as I can figure out a few bits.

  4. Right, as you can see, she is a big `un , Next the engine bits, followed by the cockpit (you can see how "Flat" it looks) and finally the U/C bay detail is a bit soft to.

    Right off now to find out how to insert pics with text.


    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • Simon @superfreak you did everything right in your attempt to insert the pictures, you just left the three letters “pic” out before the numbers – try edit and then write pic before each number and it works fine! Happy posting!

    • Simon: There's a trick to getting those side panels right; if you're not careful they'll completely bollox things up. Carefully test-fit, and put in some braces inside that space, so that the side panels sit completely parallel to the surrounding fuselage surface. With the braces, it will be impossible to push them in too far, which is really easy to do (ask me how I found out!) and then you're stuck with a whole lot of puttying and sanding to get the fuselage right.

      • Thanks Tom, I have already passed that stage of the build.
        I am just getting use to the new computer so will hopefully catch up later in the week with the build to how it stands now.

  5. What is the base kit? I know Italeri never molded one. Looks like maybe the old ESCI one? If so it's pretty good as I recall. I built one many years ago. Died the death of many of my kits during duty station changes. Anyway looking good so far, love me some Spads!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. I'm a big fan of any aircraft called a "SPAD." (yep - both) A single-engine plane that can carry almost as much ordnance as a lightly-loaded B-17? ... AWESOME! And they look so cool.
    I'm looking forward to this report, Simon.

    • Ta Jeff, I have done a fair bit to this build already, I have just been trying to organize pics on the new computer, 5,000 plus pics in Time order instead of the folders that they were in, FUN LOL.

  7. OK , as I said earlier the stores were minimal, so was the detail in the office to, but once painted didn`t turn out to bad, but still awaits varnishing for wash and sealing.
    The U/C bays were attacked with the trusty scalpel and files and the boxes built up with some plastic strip and a piece of cotton bud tubing.
    I then fabricated up the ribs and pipework with card and rod.
    Off now to rescue some more pics later.


    5 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  8. Must be Karma - I just scored a 1/72 Hasegawa A-1H (USN) from a friend last night - got 2 kits for $10 (including a Trumpeter F-100D). I'll watch your detail work so I can mimic on mine! (yep - I'm a modeling plagiarizer and proud of it!)

  9. Right, on wards, thanks to Erik I now know where I was going wrong.

    The U/c bays, primed in Alcad 2 Black.

    Also the engine and wheels got a coat too.

    And the under wing stores got a coat as well.

    1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

  10. OK, what am I doing wrong please?

    • Read my advice earlier in this thread. You're not doing anything "wrong," you just don't have full information. The wheel wells and landing gear of Skyraiders are all gloss white.

  11. wonderful to see you back old buddy...stick around

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Good to see you back , I was out for more than a year due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria. After almost reaching a two year AFTER EVENT things here are still getting there and just last week we were threaten by Hurricane Dorian.
    Nice model , looking forward to it.

  13. Sorry folks, I have just found out how to post correctly .
    Will be back later to post some more.


  14. Looking great Simon. You tricked out the wheel wells to the 9’s. For what it’s worth it is the old ESCI kit. I used parts of one when I made my A-1E and they fit well and were trouble free. Good to have you back mate!

  15. Looking good Simon. You know a Spad did shoot down a Mig in Viet Nam. Two Spads were jumped and they immediately went into a hard turn which the Mig couldn't match. Soon they were on his tail where one Spad took a shot with the 20MM cannons. Scratch one Mig.

  16. Build looks great, and welcome back to posting. When I saw my first Skyraider "in the flesh", I was impressed at how large it was for a single seat propeller aircraft. When your build is complete, display it next to a P-51 for full effect. Looking forward to the rest of the build.

  17. OK, sorry about the delay, life cropped up again.
    The wheel bays were given a coat or two of satin white, XF 2 and X 22 mix.

    The bay doors also were given a coat too.

    The main U/C was awkward to say the least.
    The pron on the leg interfered with the brace.

    So I cut a bit of rod.

    Held it in my pin vice and filed a groove in it, also filed an angled face at the other end.

    Then using a bit of Blu Tac glued the U/C together.

    OK peeps back later.


  18. OK peeps , final up date for now.
    The cannons had their barrels cut off.

    And brass ones replacing them.

    Also the U/C legs were setting.

    That`s it for now.
    I have to start back on the bench again.


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