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Red 5 Standing By…

A while back I posted an in-progress of the Revell 1/29th scale X-Wing Fighter. You can see the original article here:

Overall it’s not a bad kit, but it’s not that great either. It needs some help to be a respectable representation of an ILM miniature. I could have really gone to town on this model, but if I did all of the aftermarket stuff available and at the rate I build, it would be another year before I finished it.

Here’s what I did :
Falcon 3D Parts Plant on cannon mounts
Falcon 3D Parts cannons
Falcon 3D Parts canopy
Falcon 3D Parts Pilot figure
Scratch built additional details in the engine bays
Added hoses to the cockpit
Added canopy actuators to the cockpit
Removed the molded on engines and reworked them to better represent the ILM model
Added additional detail to the aft section
I think it turned out good. I’m my worst critic. There was a lot of inspiration from many Facebook groups and Sci-Fi forums that kept me going on this build.

If you decide to build a Star Wars Industrial Light and Magic built filming miniature model, throw all your modeling skill out the window. After a lot of research in how these models were constructed and painted, these are nothing like aircraft. Finishing an X-Wing is more like building an heavily weathered armor model or well used locomotives or railroad rolling stock. I had a real hard time with this because I wanted to build a fighter jet. These aren’t fighter jets. There’s no panel line accents, the paint jobs and construction on the filming models really suck, and the weathering techniques are unorthodox.

These pictures are a little dark due to a filter I applied after I took them to enhance the “weathering and streaking” on the model. The unfiltered pictures don’t show the “weathering and streaking” very well. The last pic is without the filer applied.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to Red 5 Standing By…

  1. REALLY well done, Steve. I like the way you mounted it, too!

    • Thank You.

      That stand was the most expensive stand I have ever done for a build. It cost me about $400. Why did it cost $400? I had to buy a $199 table saw and a $199 drill press to make that stand. I need my head examined!

  2. Hey Steve ,you made a great job on this , I have the Finemolds 1/48 version here on iModeller. I love the display stand you made and at least you have those tools in your workshop for ever now. You got the weathering spot on I think I went a little too far with mine, well done.

    • Thank you!
      I was afraid of taking the weathering too far. It’s easy to do on these builds. There a lot of research into this build. It’s interesting to know that the Red 5 Hero model no longer exists. All that’s left is the wings. The fuselage was repurposed for Jedi as Red 4 and blown up.

  3. Looks awsome! Like the chipped paint and grime.

    You could easily get your money back from producing stands to be sold to other modelers, no problem at all. Looks very professional.

  4. Love the weathering and the mount, Steve. I wouldn’t sweat the cost of the tools used on your stand too much, since you can pro-rate the cost of the tools on the bases of your next models, as well as other projects.

  5. The guys at ILM really nailed it when they designed the X-Wing. It just looks “right”. I didn’t even know this kit existed, now think I need one! Fantastic job on your build.

    • Thanks!!
      Just a warning with this kit, when you go down the rabbit hole, it seems there no end to correcting what’s wrong with this representation of an X-Wing. There came a point where I just had to stop. Otherwise, I would have never finished it.

      Right now, I’m working on another one, Blue Leader and I’m correcting the stuff on it that I missed on the Red 5 build.

      In the end, I have to tell myself, “No one can mistake it for anything else.” No one will walk up to it and say, “Nice Y-Wing.”

  6. Looks great Steve! Good to see another post from you…

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