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Eduard Spitfire HF Mk.VIII 1/72.

October 15, 2019 · in Aviation · · 14 ≡

Hello fellow modellers.
Here I'm ageing with yet another .
This time I had a go on the kit and just say, loved it. I have acquired the profipack edition which means that it comes loaded with photoeych and masks for your canopy.
This kit allows you loads of options decal and version wise.
The interiors of the cockpit are superb and with the zoom set, it's even better.
Painting wise I have tried a new brand on the market, the Xpertcolors, this paints are lacquer based and the finish is absolutely brilliant.
For the gloss and clear coats I went with Hataka orange line..
Hope you all like this build.

Many thanks
Plastic Alchemist.

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  1. Looks excellent - all that rivet and panel detail really shows through the paint well. I'm new to airbrushing and looking for a couple of good paint lines to focus on - how do the xpert color paints compare to Tamiya? (for reference, it's the only Acrylics I've tried yet through the AB)

    • Hi Greg, the Xpertcolors are lacquer, which means that they are solvent based. I personally use a large array of brands ( Tamiya, mig, hataka, vallejo etc.)
      The laquer paints are a lot more resistant than the acrylic paints from my personal experience. The biggest disadvantage of them is the smell, that on the case of the xpertcolors is not that bad.

  2. Wow...I've seen 48th scale Spits that don't look THAT good (mine leaps to mind) - fantastic job!

  3. You could have completely faked me out if you had said this was 1/32 or 1/48! The paintwork is superb. Eduard's Spitfires are the best out there and you have made the most of the kit, with a great result.

  4. Size fools the eye in this one Nuno, thumbs up! Never heard about those paints you show in the picture, an you talk a bit about your experience with them? Thanks

    • Thanks buddy. This paints are from a Portuguese company and they are just starting, not having much colors available at the moment.
      They are airbrush ready straight out of the bottles and when I say they are ready to be spraied, is not like vallejo that you still have to dilute them. You can thin them further,but if you use them as they come out of the bottle the result is as seen on the pictures.

  5. Beautiful job! looks great.

  6. Absolutely stunning! Looks more like 1/48 or 1/32.

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