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F2G "Super" Corsair

October 18, 2019 · in Aviation · · 11 ≡

I read an interview with Cook Cleland about racing in Cleveland and he said something to the effect "I had to win it, I was mortgaged up to my eyeballs!", that always struck me as funny. He sure fielded some beautiful Corsairs. The decals for #57 made this kit easy, the red paint doesn't bleed through the white sunburst at all. The only changes I made were the big carb scoop, Tamiya wheels, and I re-positioned the cowl flaps and the "rudders". The build has some flaws...don't look too close πŸ™‚ ...but overall it really is a great kit. The prop is probably too short, the canopy is too big and it's definitely a builders kit but the results are really satisfying...someday #74, and #94 will join her on the shelf.


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  1. Really sharp looking work! Special Hobby kits are some of my favorite as they make kits that will never be done by the main stream companies.

  2. Hello Jim...that's a nicely done F2G racing bird with a colorful paint scheme. Good job Sir. I look forward to seeing the other two you mentioned.

  3. Nice lookin' build, my friend...I like it!

  4. stunning build

  5. Awesome build,a real beauty.

  6. My that's a good looking Corsair. Well done Jim.

  7. This is all of the above ! The word "perfection" comes to mind when I see this one. It would really be cool to have a few other F2G race planes sitting next to this one. Race 74 would be my choice if I had one, but any would do in a pinch.

    Well done my friend... and a great big "liked"

  8. The canopy is actually the right size. I was able to check that on the real one when it was out at Chino a few years ago when I was making mine.

    You're right it's a "builder's kit," and you have built a beauty here.

    You did a great job on the "doghouse" supercharger intake. The one thing that's a PITA is they have the "modern" cockpit, which has nothing to do with the original cockpit, which was identical to an F4U-4 cockpit, so I got the True Details F4U-4 cockpit and used it on mine.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments! As soon as decals or stencils can be sourced for the other two Cleland Corsairs they will go to the top of the pile. They will actually be easy compared to this one since neither have the oversized carb scoop. Using Tamiya paints was a game changer...the local Hobby Town will soon see a spike in sales when I come clean them out of paint πŸ™‚ . I first met Bob Odegaard through the Akron Ohio MAPS Air Museum right before Cleveland Airshow in 2001. A friend of mine and I volunteered to keep 57 clean for him during the show weekend. Delmar and his Gee Bee did a bunch of formation passes with the F2G, which was spectacular. I can't say I knew Bob well, but, in later years, when I was touring with Collings, we'd run in to each other at airshows. He always remembered that weekend and all the rags we destroyed with oil πŸ™‚ That's me in the white shirt...didn't stay white long!

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  10. Beautiful looking racer! I was just reading about the Cleveland race while sitting at a Barnes and Nobel this weekend (the year the famous green Mustang augured in - not sure of the year), and saw pics of this. Yours looks like the real McCoy!

  11. To Jim Harley:
    I though I replied to your first email Jim?

    Anyway's I was at all the Cleveland races: (1946 to 1949). I joined a IPMS/USA club in San Jose, Ca; in 1984 and started to build #57 using Monogram's 1/32 scale F4U-1A kit. I received accurate data for the canopy's length/width/height and a close up of the canopy from Goodyear, including some factory photos taken on the F2G assembly line @G.A.C.
    As year's went by, I built all of the F2G Corsair racer's. Some were in 1/72 scale and two were in 1/48 scale and two were in 1/32 scale.
    By 2016 I had dozens of pages of data, including the same in Corsair photos. I can not recall the date but I sent Jim Sullivan all of my original paper documents, plus some photos after I put copies for myself on a back-up DVD.  Jim sent me about 80 black and white "quality"  8"x10" Corsair prints which I made bigger images, then sent it all back to Jim. 
    Between Jim & I, we have a ton of Corsair data.
    You can see my 1/32 F2G's on ""
    I got to get back and send in some more of my armor models.    Rodney!
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