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First post introduction – Velinden 120 mm Stuart Tank

October 26, 2019 · in Armor · 17 Comments

Hi fellow Modelers,
This is my first post here at iModeler and as way of an introduction, I am presenting my 120mm M3 Stuart tank. The tank is out of box but I added a lot of scratch build items and did some custom work like hollowing the MG barrels, adding hooks from spare resin, etc. The figure I picked up a at hobby shop in Seattle many years ago during my active duty travels. The pots I actually picked up at a Michales craft store while I was waiting on the Mrs. to finish her shopping. ?
Now to introductions about me. I am a retired U S Coast Guard Chief Gunners Mate. I did six years in the U S Army and fourteen in the Coast Guard. Tours included Presidio of S.F., US Army Europe, a tour at Panmunjom, Korea, 7th light infantry and ten years on Medium Endurance Cutters based out of Florida. My final tour they sent me to be a tech rep to fix busted up Cutters. I am now an IT weenie and besides modeling, I am active in scouting with my fine son who is going for his Eagle Board next Month and also doing whatever Honey Do projects my better half designs. The last pictures are of my man cave. To paraphrase Donald Sutherland in the Dirty Dozen, it ain’t pretty but it can fight. Great site and great people! ?

PS, I hand painted the Star and the serial number reflects my somewhat dry sense of humor that saw me through those difficult days of military life. ?

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  1. Hey, A.G.! Welcome to iModeler! This 120mm tank is a fine way to introduce yourself. It looks VERY good ... and ready to go into battle.

    I had a buddy who spent 4 years in the Army playing tanks (with me), then he joined the Coast Guard and ended up with 22 years total. I don't remember exactly where he was but it was in Oregon and he was on a 55 ft (my memory of the exact size may be off ... sorry!) MLB - Motorised Life Boat.

    Interesting serial number!

  2. Welcome to iModeler! 120 mm would be rather big?

    Now, as a Swede the photo of the Viggen fighter jet intrigues me. Why did you include it and what does the inserted card say, close up photo please 🙂

    • 120mm is 1/15th scale. As to the other, I was an escort driver and bodyguard to the Swedish delegation to the Neutral Nations Supervisory Committee (NNSC) in 1984 in the DMZ of Korea. I drove for MG Gustuf Peyton (Infantry) and later his replacement MG Gunnar Unell (Air Force and flying the plane). The items are mementos the Generals gave me. Both very fine individuals who I had great respect for.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. Welcome to iModeler A.G. You chosen a rarely seen model from an old favourite of mine, Verliden. This kit, I recall seeing it on the stores but don’t think I ever saw one properly built, and it’s very nice indeed. Those side pots are a funny addition

  4. Welcome, AG. Great looking large-scale tank. Looks like you build a great variety of models, looking forward to your builds. Welcome to the family.

  5. Welcome to the site, that's one fine build!

  6. Welcome brother! Nice Stuart! I am a retired Navy Senior Chief, welcome to the site!

    • Thanks Senior. I saw a lot of your posts and see you are in Seattle. I retired to my Home state of Florida but my last tour was maintenance & Logistics Command out of Alameda, Ca. I used to fly up to Seattle a lot to fix Cutters. I love the Chicken Teriyaki up there and Seattle had the best model stores around! My warrant gunner and I loved taking trips up there just for that reason. I miss both of those as we have a lot of good stuff in Florida but we can’t compare to Seattle on those. ?

  7. Welcome aboard AG, and that's a nice looking Steward as well. You'll enjoy your stay here as there's lots of fine modelers and good friends who post their work on the site.

  8. Welcome, and nice intro post! (love the serial number by the way...)

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