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October 9, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 16 ≡

I messed up on the 262 with its paint scheme and decals. I painted the green where the gray should have been on the fuselage, and grey where the two tone camo green should have been on the wings. And I destroyed one of the decals on accident.

However, in lou of this event and waiting for decals, i had this kit waiting to be built since my birthday a little over a month ago. It is ANOTHER Ju 87G-1 Tank Buster in 1/48th scale, and I have plans to make the interior a little bit more detailed because it is literally 4 parts. A floor, two seats, and a control stick. Yeah, it's a 60s era Revell kit. It's basically expected.

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  1. That’s a nice older kit. Looking forward to seeing it built.

  2. Go for it Jordyn, it’ll turn out great. Regarding the 262, you can strip the paint, repaint and get new decals. I’ve had to do that myself. At least once. 🙂

    • What was the best way you found to strip paint without damaging the plastic?

      • Hello Jordyn, I use a non caustic spray on oven cleaner, takes a while to work but doesn't seem to affect the plastic, still I wouldn't leave it any longer than needed !

        3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

        • This works very good. You want to use an old tooth brush to scrub into the cracks and crevices after the oven cleaner sits on the plastic for a little while. Then wash it off thoroughly with water. Wear some protective glasses too, as you don't want this stuff in your eyes. Gloves would be another good thing to wear... You can thank me many years later when you get old...

          Don't be alarmed if it changes the color of the plastic a little bit lighter. You're going to paint it anyway.

      • To strip paint you cant go wrong with brake fluid. Yes, thats true! and its free, ask for some used on a motor repair shop.
        I've learned this from an old modeler and used it twice. You can see my P-47 on that. Leave it overnight and scrub with a tooth brush in the morning. The fluid may be reused after paper filtering.


  3. Though the label says Revell it is Monogram by heritage. Nice kit enjoy!

  4. I look forward to seeing it completed, Jordyn!

  5. This Stuka builds up into a nice looking kit. I have two of them built in my collection. Go for it and please keep us posted with your progress... and give the 262 another try. Don't give up on it too soon. We have all had to do this at least several times on builds in the past. It happens and you will learn from your mistakes. This is what makes you better the next time around.

    I'm sure it will be much better the next time around. Great choice for your next build. The Stuka is one of my favorites, but I like the 262 a whole lot too !

  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :

    A clever choice Jordyn.

    As Rob stated in his comment, the kit is really a MONOGRAM kit.

    True is the fact that the details are raised ( that is what was available back then, and yet we loved them and still do ) , you can always re-scribe them, which I know is a whole project in itself, but hey ! it is part of the nitty gritty aspect of modeling … and it is a good fun time spent and a good skill developer.

    As Gary, Allan and Louis imply, what they say is a good second chance on life for your Me- 262,

    go for it.

    Please keep us posted on these models, happy modeling my friend.

  7. Just a question about stripping the paint - you haven't mentioned what kind of paint you used! Acrylics will strip differently than enamels, for acrylics, I use a mix of 99% rubbing alcohol, windex, and household ammonia and it washes away the acrylic like it was water colors, leaving polished plastic underneath. Doesn't harm the filler, either!

  8. My 2¢ on paint removers...Sally Hansen nail polish remover with acetone. I pour some in a bowl. Then I dip small squares of paper towel into the liquid and rub vigorously onto the painted surface. The process takes quite a while as you are removing about an inch of paint at a time so the 262 will take a few hours. If you get too much liquid on the model, rinse it under water. Someone said this will eat plastic but I've removed the paint from four 1:48 single engine fighters and never had an issue. Wear a respirator lest you want to see Care Bears in an hour or so

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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