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Update No. 2: He 162 Salamander

October 28, 2019 · in Aviation · · 9 Comments

I tried posting this earlier, but I think it failed. So here it is. This is the next update of the 162. I've had a blast building this kit. It is now completely built, but it is now time for paint. So, next update, you will see paint. Basically, this kit had two engine options. One was an open engine with a extremely detailed set of parts. The other was a simplistic closed engine. What I did was I built the open engine, and the closed engine, but then I lost one of the parts, so then I had to decide: buttoned down or open? I dont like to model things open sometimes, so I chose closed. However, I had to use the engine that I already put together and put all the detail into painting. So, inside the engine cowling, there is a full, historically accurate, painted engine. And it isnt seen. Sooooo, #buildersatisfaction lol. I also painted the pilot and attached the canopy. I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO CHOOSE WHICH PIC BECOMES THE PICTURE SHOWN ON THE ARTICLE.

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  1. Looks good, young man. Keep building...

  2. I agree... well done. I especially like your pilot. This is something that I personally have a problem with and that's painting figures. Yours look great !

    As far as the picture thing... It's fairly simple to do.

    When you are writing or editing your article, you can simply type in these bracket symbols. [ ]
    In between the symbols type in the picture number like this: [ p i c ] It will show up as "image not found" in my reply because I didn't include any pictures. The letters "pic" have to be together with no spaces in between.

    --- pic1 not found ---

    It will then post up the picture you have uploaded into the 1st position. Also be aware that the very first picture you post will always be the first picture to be seen in the headlines section by default.

    So if I wanted to post a picture in the middle of my reply I would do it like this.

    --- pic1 not found ---

    If I wanted to add the next picture it would simply be the same thing but with the number 2 in place of the number 1. like this:

    --- pic2 not found ---

    and so on... until you have completed your mission. Just keep changing the numbers from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on for each new picture you want to embed into your article. You can do the same thing when you reply to someone if you want to add pictures with your response. It's a very nice feature.

    I believe there's an article about this in the "Help" section.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Jordyn, Looking good! I like the addition of the pilot. Good luck with the paint job, I'm sure you will do a nice job. Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. You might want to putty up those gaps on the fuselage and the wings and clean up the plastic fuzz parts(if you havent yet) before paint

    • I'm getting there, dont worry lol. The only problem is: I dont have putty. So I just use what's worked best for me, which is filling gaps with mod podge and then sanding it down.

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