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Highway of death

November 5, 2019 · in Diorama · · 29 ≡

I have been trying out different techniques and design styles for some time now. Been working out on the 'Damaged scattered' look, and car damaged look. Haven't been able to decide on a possible diorama look but been working on variations(at least two). Figures will also be added later. Still needs a little bit more work.
Who knows, I may just as well take another approach, as I almost do in my builds. We shall see.

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  1. Looking really GOOD !

  2. Hey Charles, what a cool build, just fantastic.

  3. Outstanding as always Charles. Liked!

  4. Quite the creative gene you have there!

  5. I'm always stunned by the quality of your work.
    Just amazing!

  6. Wow Mr. King with capital "K". Looking at this, I get the chills remembering the 1991 Iraq road to oblivion from Kuwait city to Basrah. Great quality of work, as always. I know it's past helloween but it's very good timing... Brrr... "Liked" very much so.

  7. Amazing work and attention to the little details are two of the things that set your work out from everyone else’s. As a retired firefighter I have seen my share of destruction and burned out vehicles.

    You have captured the look perfectly. Heat bends metal and distorts it. Then it has a rust like appearance afterwards with various colors showing up. Even the soot and ashes can be different colors. Tires are mostly non existent but on occasion they leave behind small remnants of twisted metal that was once the reinforcement cables in the tire bead and the tread. This stuff is occasionally left behind after the rubber burns away. Sometimes everything is burned and nothing is left but the rim just as you portray here. It depends on how hot the fire is and how long it burns.

    You have nailed all of this perfectly. Well done my friend.


  8. The King of diorama's is back! I thought at first it was the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn back in the seventy's, just kidding. Your attention to detail as always is amazing.

  9. Wow. You are truly The Master. if you posed that elsewhere, I would think it was real.

  10. Looks like the A-10s have been busy...

  11. Your last name says it all. My compliments!
    Very original, inspired and flawless in execution...
    Did I say execution?

  12. your awesome charles

  13. Charlies I like all the details and the charing ...but, the composition looks a little flat with some of the photos. Its like there are two sides with the middle of the dio being neutral or indifferent to keeping the viewers eyes moving, You look at the center and nothing is happening. Like looking at a scale with two weighs and the middle of the scale is acting as a wall or fulcrum. When it should tie all of the trucks together. Perhaps some of the truck parts and debris could be moved to create movement towards the other vehicles. Another thing to consider is the ground me it is flat and could be broken up more. Perhaps a crater from a bomb or if the road where elevated with a slope not too big but, with an eye to creating movement in tieing in all of your superb work in doing the trucks and their associated parts. All of the elements are there, the details are out standing its getting the team to march in step by adding or moving things.

    • Although, I am not really sure what you mean exactly, I thank you for your constructive criticism. 🙂 There is a crater just under the destroyed pickup bay. Besides that, that is all I could figure out from your post. Well, this is part of a highway.

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