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Honda RA272 1965 Mexican Grand Prix

Hi folks,

Tamiya’s 1/20 F1 racer, as piloted by Richie Ginther to victory in the 1965 Grand Prix in Mexico City. Honda’s and Goodyear’s first Formula One win; he won 2.89 seconds ahead of the next car 🙂 (source: Wikipedia). I love the 1960’s era F1 cars. My first car model in 40 years, so it was a big learning experience. Flaws, yes, but no need to complain or have ill-feelings–gets in the way of the next build!



What’s that–the Flukeman!? In the queue…

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6 responses to Honda RA272 1965 Mexican Grand Prix

  1. Great looking racer, especially after a long break. I don’t build many cars either, but when I do there is always this learning curve remember the unique skills needed just for cars. I have always liked the older style of F1 racers. Brings to mind old movies like Grand Prix from 1966 with James Garner.

  2. Nice! I like this era of racers too, reminds me of an old matchbox car I had.

  3. Thanks, Robert. They seem clean and simple now, don’t they, but in their day, they were a marvel

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