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Mr. Hobby 1200 airbrush application.

How to apply Mr. Hobby 1200 with .

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  1. I used Mr.Hobby 1200 in my airbrush once and am not very impressed, particularly because it clogged the damm thing (quite sure I didn’t clean the gun as thoroughly as it must be after using a liquid putty). I was hoping this video had more than just some spraying...

  2. Pedro, I use Mr. Hobby Surfacer 1200 in airbrush regularly. I haven't had a problem yet. I use the original Mr. Color thinner 400. I completely clean the airbrush after each spray.

  3. Same as Ivan, I mix with ca. 50% of Mr Color Leveling Thinner (T108 in 400 ml or T106 in 110 ml). No problem that way.

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