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2020 – Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

From Hannant’s “Future Releases” – ICM release list for 2020:

1/32 CR 42 – several different releases

1/32 Gladiator II and Sea Gladiator (also a “Foreign Services” release)

1/32 PT-13/17 Stearman also N2S-2/5

1/48 He-111Z Zwilling!

1/48 Several B-26s, including a B-26C Korean War (no Vietnam on the list I saw)

1/48 Cessna O-2 Skymaster


5 responses to 2020 – Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

  1. I am NEVER going to get caught up!

  2. Tom, the Zwilling caught my eye also. No injection plastic kit of this giant bird has ever been released in the 1/48 scale, only resin conversion that required 2 donor Heinkel kits. Taking ICM one elevens this kit kit should become unique. Also unique is the J version of their Dornier 217 family, the first available in 1/48 from a mainstream maker
    If we thought 2019 was a splendid year for us modellers, next year doesn’t seem disappointing so far

  3. Hi Tom,
    Just to increase the expectation I read recently on the internet so it may be true or not that there will be 1/32 kits of:
    Vampire 3 & 5
    Aichi Val
    Savio Marchetti SM79
    A-20 Havoc
    Beaufighter Mk X
    SB2C Helldiver
    All these from Infinity Models which will be a new section of HpM that will specialise in injected models. Could be a crock or it could be true. I hope it is the latter.

  4. 2020- here we come!
    This is just wonderful, thanks for these sunny, motivating prospects!

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