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An English Rolls Royce Phantom-II car.

The box art says that this model is made by "" and its' in 1/24th scale. All the parts were 99% free of flashing and sink marks. This car was built almost "o.o.b." just like so many of my other models. I added some wires to the engine and maybe some other stuff, but I don't remember as it was built in May, 2009.

I was able to find some photo's of a real car that was painted and looked like new and the box art showed the model painted in about the same colors as was on the real car.

Since the mid 1980's, I have used paints and found some colors that I think match the real photo's and box art. The metal looking color is just plain old Titanium Silver by Tamiya. I just gloss coated it with Future.

REMEMBER: "It's not what color that's on the model as it is: "How well it was applied."

Last but not least, I made sure that the car sat on all 4 wheels.


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  1. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Always reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie, “the holy grail” when the Arab leader takes the Phantom II in exchange for a Tank.

  2. Matt:
    I did not research the car's history so thanks for your sure was a nice car to build. Rodney.

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