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“I’m Back” Hans Ulrich Rudel

This is a Hasagawa MaK series Falke Anti Gravity Kannon Vogel. Built this a few years ago. I traditionally don’t care for building SciFi models, but that’s not to say I don’t like SciFi, because I do. This Hasagawa kit pulled me into the Machienen Kreiger [MaK] series. I painted in the same color scheme as Rudel’s Ju-87G. I just thought that the multi-barreled cannon version was cool. I thought Rudel would have chosen this bird to fly. Hasagawa also makes the same kit with an excimer laser in place of the kannon. A bit of history extension, being a BMW fan, I concluded they would still be producing propulsion systems in the future thus the BMW logo.

Hasagawa has other kits in this series that I look forward to building. Easy to build, and no rivet counting, just fun. Also, I can not tell how I got it to ‘hover’ above the ground, but keep in mind it is an anti-gravity raider.
Living On Tulsa Time

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8 responses to “I’m Back” Hans Ulrich Rudel

  1. Very cool project, damm nice painting and weathering

  2. I really like the finish and the whole fun side of this.

  3. Thanks Gents. Your appreciation just adds to the fun factor.

  4. Beautiful job. I, too have gotten into the MAschinen Krieger genre and I’m working on the “Camel”. They’re fun to build and especially to paint.

  5. Nicely done and posted!!

  6. Thanks Greg, See you Tuesday at the meeting.

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