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Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 15

December 1, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 ≡

Its time to do another post, The build seems to be picking up some momentum now, so lets have a look at what I have done since the last post.

I made up the weapons pylons, and center pylon and added the drop tank, The pylons were all scratch built with the sway braces, this seem like a small job, but it was quite a job to get right, I also scratch built the afterburner can, now this was a mission, but I think I got it just right in the end, all the petals and linkages were scratch built, ''come to think of it, everything was scratch built" ha ha ha, an ill attempt at humor...
The final job I did this evening was to gloss up the model so that I can decal and weather. Still need to install ailerons and rudder and a list of other small things, and yes, the main canopy, the mold for the canopy is complete, just need to vac form.

Hope you enjoy the progress so far, if you guy's need any info regarding the build, please drop me a line.



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  1. We're not worthy! 🙂

    Amazing work, Marc, particularly that exhaust.

  2. This is an example of fine craftsmanship. You guys (and gals) who can scratch build a complete airplane from sheet plastic, plastic strips, and a vacuum forming machine have my utmost praise. Your modelling skill set far surpasses anything I have ever done before. It takes someone special who can do this type of work...

    The exhaust is nothing less than spectacular. This whole build is amazing.


  3. Marc - I look at the pictures of your work and then relive the trials and tribulations of the one and only scratch-built offering I managed a couple of years ago. The comparison of my and your pics simply underlines the scope of the detail you've managed to accumulate on the subjects you model and the peerless craftmanship you demonstrate. I think we both know that the finished product of each of your models is not without its heartaches and frustrations, but the Mirage is a fantastic model. awestruck as always - Paul.

  4. Hey there Paul, its great to hear from you again, thank you as always for the kind comments and motivation, it is very much appreciated, drop me a mail some time for a chat.

  5. Marc this is a masterpiece fit for a museum! I bet you this one will take top honours at the next NATS. Awesome work that can only be described as MASTERCLASS!

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