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Modelsvit 1/48 P-51H Mustang – First Look

So, I got an e-mail from my friend Scott Zuiback over at “rebelalpha” on eBay that his Modelsvit shipment had arrived, so I hot-footed it over to the store and picked this puppy up. For those of you who do business with Scott, he’s already sold four so you want to get over there quickly.

For those who want to see pictures of the parts, there are some very good photos of the kit contents over at Sprue Brothers on their page for the kit.

Looking at the parts, I was struck by the fact that the surface detail could easily be mistaken for the new Eduard P-51D. Very petite rivet detail that will only be seen at short range under a coat of paint, with all the rest of the surface detail of similar quality.

The cockpit is super-fully detailed, and is accurate for the P-51H. The wheel wells are similar in detail to what you find in the Eduard P-51. The canopy – which comes in open and closed options – is a bit thick but is optically clear with very little distortion.

Underwing ordnance includes the postwar drop tanks and six 5″ rockets.

Decals provide markings for three colorful ANG schemes: 182nd Fighter-bomber Squadron, Texas ANG, 1953; 101st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Massachusetts ANG, 1951; 133rd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, New Hampshire ANG 1953. Also markings for the P-51H provided to the RAF for evaluation in 1945 in RAF camouflage.

This is the P-51H everyone has been hoping for. High quality, great price. Buy. In. Confidence.

14 responses to Modelsvit 1/48 P-51H Mustang – First Look

  1. I guess there is no end to (plastic) wonders…and new P-51s.
    Modelsvit Brand is unfamiliar to me, though I recall your XP-55 review, a kit you also endorsed as quality product, so I’m guessing this eastern company wants to compete with the big boys. That’s good news to us modellers, thanks for presenting this kit here Tom

  2. Oh what a surprise of a kit…!

  3. I have been waiting for a decent P-51H kit for at least a decade so I am glad to see the pics and read about it.

    Can’t wait to get one.

  4. This version always looked, to me, as an adolescent Mustang, still growing up. Nice to know there is a good kit out there!

  5. Some say that another P-51 isn’t really needed, BUT … isn’t this the first “H” version for sale?

    Besides, many choices are GOOD for modeling!!

  6. Just a note to everyone, since I have dived in and started working on the kit.

    It might look a lot like the Eduard P-51 when completed, as regards surface detail and such, but remember: IT IS STILL A LIMITED RUN KIT. Test fit three times before gluing once. Treat it like what it is and you will be rewarded with a final result you’ll have no trouble sitting next to your Tamiya/Eduard/Airfix/Meng P-51s. Treat it like it’s one of those kits, and the atmosphere over your workbench will turn royal purple with thunder and lightning bolts, and SWMBO will close the door to your workroom and send the kiddies upstairs with ear muffs on. And you will be a very unhappy modeler. It’s a super high-quality LIMITED RUN KIT. Treat it with respect and you will be rewarded. It’s still the P-51H we have always wanted and time consuming as it may be to test fit three times before gluing once, I can assure you it’s a whole lot easier than the Classic Airframes kit.

    And if you have the CA kit, that nice resin cockpit might fit this kit. Not that what they give you is bad, but that was the best part of the CA kit.

  7. Looking forward to your final analysis after you complete the build. Sounds like this one’s a bit more fussy.

    • It’s a high-end LIMITED RUN KIT. It will look like the Eduard kit when finished, but you have to take care as you would with any limited-run kit. I have the airframe together. By taking care, I only had to used a little bit of CA glue along the centerline seam on the bottom of the radiator intake. All else has no filler, It looks good and will look good. It’s a bazillion times better than the HiPM or CA kits in construction and accuracy. Worth the effort.

      • That’s good to hear. I have the Modelsvit XP-55 Ascender still in the box and am quite impressed with it, so i will have to give their P-51H a try. That’s after I finish up Eduard’s early D Mustang which is a superb kit. A real dream build. Loving every minute of it.

  8. I have started a WIP on this kit. i have photos up of the assembled model. Paint is next.

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