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Quick comparison.

I dont have any models to build at the moment. I've finished all major projects. But I was looking through my model pics, and I cannot believe how much I've improved. Below I have two spitfires and two stukas, and they could not be more different. I think that I have you guys to thank for the boost in skill with your kind words and helpful tips. This is why young kids like me enjoy the hobby. The first and the first are the ones that are my recent builds.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Jordyn, well done. It's a great adventure with each kit and each new learned technique. And don't worry, you will soon have a stack to choose from. KEEP IT FUN!

  2. These look great Jordyn. Your Revell / Monogram Stuka looks a whole lot better than mine did that I built when I was your age. I built that exact same kit way back when...

    With each new build, you will pick up neat little tricks that will make each one of your new models even better. They say that practice makes perfect. It's true...

    Keep up the good work, and I'll be looking forward to seeing your next project, whatever it is... Try not to get too worried about little mistakes. We all make them and they are inevitable. That's how you learn.

    and like Gary said, "Keep it fun". Before you know it you will have another build going on your work bench.

  3. Good stuff. If you have time and patience, take your older models and strip the paint and decals, touch up any seams or defects you may have missed, repaint and decal. I've done this with four models and its cheaper than buying a new kit.

  4. Jordyn keep plugging away and with each model you will develop more skills as well as having some fun. I believe it's hobby where in some sense you are procuring reproductions for your own miniature museum. And a lot of the fun is the researching for material that tells the story about the kit you are building or the biography of the man or woman that used it.

  5. Each one is better then the last. Keep up the good work.

  6. Looking good, Jordyn!

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