Revell 1/48 Douglas C-47 Dakota USAAF PTO

December 8, 2019 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

Built two years ago.

Because there are a lot of D-Day striped models out there, I convinced my father to do a PTO aircraft.

Germany kit (Berlin airlift) with North Star Models decals. They came without US insignias (and the kit only included post-war ones), took them from a Monogram B-24 kit.

The kit shows it´s age, the moulds are from the same year as I :lol:, fit, especially the windscreen and landing light covers aren´t good, moulding quality is mostly still ok.

Regarding the windscreen, as mentioned bad fit and tricky to install, my dad decided to cut away the bigger side windows and use some clear plastic pieces to display open windows.

Added brake lines with lead wire, aerials are done with elastic thread/EZ Line. Painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. Great result. I really like the the sun faded finish.

  2. Beautiful paintwork as always

  3. Looks like a Gooney Bird. Another, Monogram classic made good. It would seem that when all of the positive adjectives get written about the Monogram getting it right, this kit get's passed over. Must have something to do with the lack of guns. Even though the type is still being flown and re manufactured by Basler.

    Reinhard, your father has done a splendid job of replicating the grace and rugged character of the DC-3.

    Two thumbs up for dad.

  4. Nice build and great work on the OD finish.

  5. Really nice. Great representation.

  6. Very nice Olide Drab, and I like the open windows, it brings some life to the model.

  7. VERY nice, Reinhold! My first ever airplane ride was in a DC3/C47 (surplus) airliner from Lake Central Airlines. Indianapolis to Chicago, then return. Then several times after that. "The Grand Old Lady" as they're often called. An absolutely wonderful airplane ... certainly one of, if not THE most influential aircraft ever made.

    I really like your PTO olive version. Nice to see a C47 without the D-Day stripes. (Though they are quite nice in their own way!)


  8. Beautiful build, still kills me to se "Revell" ever associated with these wonderful Monogram molds, ah well!

  9. Beautifully done, looks great! Here's a jungle skipper that skidded.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  10. Excellent Goonie! I just read Lost in Shangli-La, which was about a Dakota crash in New Guinea during the war. Fun to see a PTO bird having just finished the book. I also like the sun-faded finish - looks right to me!

  11. Beautiful PTO Gooneybird. My dad would have loved this.

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