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So what’s everyone using for dayglo these days?

I got the great Atlantis B-52 X-15 re-pop for Christmas, and am looking for a good fluorescent orange/red-orange to use. I know there are more choices out there these days, so any favorites?

16 responses to So what’s everyone using for dayglo these days?

  1. Because I limit myself to the rattle can, I’ve been using Testors competition orange #1628, I prep with a flat white. I’ve used it on my Atlantis B-52 and F-100 chase plane.

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  2. I saw some b 52’s yesterday.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. My go-to is Gunze Mr Color 173 Fluorescent Orange. Lacquer based, needs a good white undercoat but dries hard and very fast.

    • I bet with the white undercoat you could go heavier on the edges and sparse/splotchy in the middle of an area for a faded look. I’d like to try it on a Fouga Magister.

      • I’ve seen that done over on Britmodeler using pale yellow as a basecoat.

        • I saw this topic on the bottom of the page. It’s a year old but since then I painted the four Ryan Firebee drones for my 1/48 DC-130. Testors Flourescent Orange, FS28915. Pictures cannot convey how vivid this color actually is! Also I used an entire bottle thinned out for airbrush duty on the four drones. (Over white primer.) Sad to say these were my only completed builds for 2020, but I have an F-94A and the YF-16 coming on deck in the next week or so.

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  4. Hi Rob, I mostly use MM enamel FS28915, or at times Humbrol 209 as on the B57, usually over a white base !!

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  5. Thanks guys! I was soundly ignored over on the “other” forum when I asked. I guess my mentioning the Atlantis re-pop put me in the “not accurate enough let’s ignore the fool” category
    Edited to add: I finally got a couple of answers “over there”

  6. I know this one, Rob! I was doing research for my P2V build and discovered (for US military colors anyway), there technically is no such thing as “day-glo”. I don’t remember the exact dates, but from the late 40’s through the early 60’s, the standard “day-glo” color was fluorescent red-orange, FS28913. This was used on Navy and Air Force hi-viz (think arctic) schemes and faded to the orange-ish color you see in that B-52 pic, but fresh out of the bottle, it’s distinctly bright red. That was replaced by international orange, FS12197, in the 60’s (think Navy trainers). That color is definitely more orange, but also fades to that day-glo looking shade. Model Master made both of those in their enamel line, but I’m not sure how available it is now that they’re going acrylic. I attached a pic of my T-2 to show what the international orange looks like. It’s a gloss color, but when I hit it with some clear flat, it got that faded look.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. That’s a hard color to paint. It’s the main reason I haven’t built my Airfix Gnat yet.

  8. Once I started getting answers over on HS I got one for Mr Paint. Anyone try that brand? Seems hard to find.

  9. Well I went with Mr Color, Gunze I am familiar with. MRP is pretty expensive for a trial considering I don’t do a lot of dayglo paint!

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