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War Loot, Ardennes, January 1945, 1/35

I arrived another piece, this time it is a vignette from Ardennes, from the forest Azette, there the Germans pretty caught, the figures are old I do not know who (either Warriors or Jaguar), roots, mosses, leafing, turf, snow, icing, icicles. … Colors Andrea, he’s my first American soldier in my life.

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4 responses to War Loot, Ardennes, January 1945, 1/35

  1. Great looking vignette, Roman. Nicely done

  2. Always admire you figure painters! Excellent job, especially with the SS camo on the trousers.

  3. You packed a lot into such a condensed space – looks great!

  4. Thank you very much, gentlemen.

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