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Amusing refllection on the "Experten" amongst us

Perhaps not the appropriate place for something that amused that perverse side of what remains of my brain. It's really a comment on that side of many of us - I'm probably more guilty than most - who believe they've achieved a level of knowledge about the WW2 GAF that allows us to express opinions on the quality of the many wonderful model offerings that our members have posted on this site.

Like the hobby itself, it's meant as a bit of fun. I think someone with a deep knowledge of photoshop has been tinkering with what was probably a nice pic of an Emil, but I couldn't place it. My own photo skills haven't ascended to the level demonstrated here.

I hope if amuses someone else.

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  1. You definitely brought a smile on my face ! Thanks Paul ... I think this is an Emil version that still has yet to be painted in the field with the blueberry mottling.


  2. A 109 using an innovative composite fuselage design - unfortunately highly vulnerable to fresh
    cream and chocolate sauce - and hungry ground crew.
    A disappointing but tasty experiment for Willi Messerschmitts design team.

  3. Nice weathering and all that, but don't you think you've gone a little light on the syrup? Not to be overly critical, but I read from archival documentation that proves pretty conclusively that Emils of that squadron were field modified by kitchen crews, meaning less control with the bottles and more likely to use Log Cabin rather than the real maple stuff.

    Just sayin'...

  4. Thanks guys. Very pleased to see y'all joining in the spirit of things. My aircraft-focused brother can be blamed (or praised) for sending the original to me. Sorry about mis-typing in the post - I'm waaaaaaaay out of practice contributing posts.

  5. A GEHEIMWAFFEL I believe

  6. Is that anything like a Messaschnitzel 109? 🙂

  7. Way too funny, I like it.

  8. Luffwaffle, I love it! Wash it down with a Heinakel

  9. This shows the wonderfully funny AND creative side found in many here. I love it! @white4freak

    Blueberry mottling indeed! @lgardner

    Sorry Robert, a Heinakel is a wonderfully flighty bier, but I'll wash mine down with a glass of Ehrhard Milch ... I mean Milk - oh, I said that already! @roofrat

  10. Jeff. Great to see you having a chuckle and adding to the amusing banter. Paul

  11. Brilliant, some people just waffle too much...

  12. Having reached frustration point trying to prove my theory that the original pic was of Bf 109 E-3 W Nr 3579 - this was based on the camo and the fact that it was clearly being flown recently - I was pleased to receive a copy of the original pic from one of the Britmodeller members in Canada. Before being moved to the Heritage Hangar at Biggin Hill, where the a/c is located, it was owned by a Canadian. Must go and see it one day.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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