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F-102A USAF 54-1399 short tail. A Revell ancient one.

January 23, 2020 · in Aviation · · 15 Comments

This depicts an early F-102A as delivered to one of the first operational squadrons to receive them, the 327th FIS. It had the original shorter tail fin, and unmodified intake ramps and speed brakes. I added a pitot tube to the nose added a generic ejection seat and used the extra exhaust and wing tanks from a F-100 kit. The decals which almost were a disaster, was a mix kit, spares and home made. I thought that it would be easier then it was to find reference photos, the few I found I've included.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses

  1. Nice Robert! I built that one way back when.

  2. Beautiful model, Robert! And the airplane isn't bad, either... 🙂

  3. I always thought it was weird how the "U.S. AIR FORCE" stenciling was so large that it had to curve down the intakes! I Would like to try and back date the 1/48 case X wing version into one of these really early birds! (I think there's enough plastic in the tail to simply cut it down and sand to shape, speed brakes are an easy fix. Intake? Not so sure! I do like the lines of the Deuce! (Even the fat YF versions!) Great job on this one Robert!

  4. Looks good Robert, nicely done, who is that lady ?

  5. Very nice work here Robert ! Those are some classic photos by the way.

  6. Nice job, Robert. Love the life-like nose art in the photo's!

  7. Very nice work.

    And that lucky pitot tube...

  8. This brought a smile to my face Robert. From August 1960 ( I was a little over 1 year old) until January 1975, the Texas ANG operated F-102 a/c at KEFD or Ellington Field here in Houston. Dad use to take me out to the base to see them. One of my favorite birds.

    Nice job on an old kit!

  9. Nice job on this Robert. I like the period photos.

  10. Thanks everyone!

  11. Nice - and the photos are quite uplifting!

  12. Definitely my kind of jet, lovely work. From the 1950s you say, those were the days.

  13. two beauties, Robert ! You did a nice job on this old kit . I’ve tried to improve old kits , but it never ends well, certainly not as well as this Duce.

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