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Fokker E.V, 1/72 Sign

Time to push another little birdie out of the nest, in this case a Czech limited-run kit made by Sign in the late 90s. A few bakelite-looking plastic parts, a couple of chunks of white metal (prop & engine), and a bunch of photo-etch. This one was a struggle from the start; the fuselage was a little short, so I added a few millimeters to the nose with styrene sheet cut to shape. Biggest challenge was aligning and joining the kit photoetched struts to the fuselage. I actually had the whole thing together and lined up nicely only to drop a large clip on it and have the wing and wheels sheer clean off. Nearly ditched the project at that point, but persevered and reattached everything (not quite as well aligned). I ended up painting the Jasta 6 tail stripes and the wing insignia, as the kit decals were out of register and didn't line up correctly. The wing was done using artist oil paint; brown base with light coats of color streaked on to simulate stained wood. Rigging (what little there is) was done in .005 steel wire. Lozenge decals are from an old Microscale sheet I had lying around. Prop was done in oils, too. Marking are for Lt. Richard Wenzl, Jasta 6, August 1918.

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10 responses

  1. Looks as good as the 1/32 kit I have "in progress."

  2. An absolute little gem

  3. Good job. The stitching on the belly is a nice touch.

  4. Thought it was a least 1/48th! Nice work, my favorite WW I aircraft.

  5. Nicely done Andrew, looks good.

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