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Ladies Black Hair

Remember? I showed you my home made tool that I made out of some 0.10″/0.15″ flat styrene stock. I just sanded the round edge down to a semi knife cutting edge, then rolled it down the panel line before the decal liquid dries. When finished, the decal will appear to be painted on your model…EXPERIMENT!

As mentioned in my previous story about rigging wire, here are a few photo’s showing how I used some ladies long black hair. I pre-drilled all the necessary 0.10″ diameter holes in the wing area’s then threaded in the hair and pulled it tight. I would tape the excess hair down on my work table then I would use one of my home made super-glue tools and place a “Micro-Dot” of thin super-glue on the areas that I threaded the hair through. I would then used a new number 11 X-acto modeling knife blade and carefully cut off the hair.

If you can not acquire any ladies long hair, why not try some sewing thread and experiment with it!

Enjoy! RJW

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Ladies Black Hair

  1. Nice. I never thought of that. I think I’m going to use fishing line for my first go.

  2. Nice Idea!
    What kit is the Nieuport?

  3. The real problem may be finding a ‘lady’…

    Lovely work, Rodney.


  4. David: You are nice looking with your “bow-tie” on. Go anywhere and I’m sure you can find a lady. Lot’s of Asian and Mexican women have long hair. Approach them like a gentleman should and explain what you want and you should not have a problem…….It would help if you took your model along on this “Finding a Lady” journey. If that does not work, then go buy some fishing line…….the next best thing is buy one of my models that already has a ladies hair attach to it…..Well thanks for the amusing comment.

    Guess I’ll get ready to post my F-100D Thunderbird model as it did not need an antenna wire.


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