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My Other Ocean Water Model.

This is my first water base diorama model which is a 1/144th scale “Martin PBM-5 Mariner” made by Revell about 15 years ago. I should have posted this model first, then post the “Kingfisher.”

The model was built o.o.b. with regular glueing, sanding and polishing the clear windscreen. I have no idea why I painted the aluminum paint on the model.

At first I had no plans to put the model in a water base but what was I going to put it on in my show case and/or at a club meeting, including a contest?

I could build a wheel-type dolly but I did not find a photo of one of those big planes up on a dolly. I think they had landing gears, but hear again I did not find one sitting on tires.

Somehow I got the idea for a ocean water base by using some of my river sand and experimenting with Future Floor Wax.

My base was crafted by using some flat styrofoam cut to fit the model. As mentioned in my “OS2U-KINGFISHER” story I used some river sand and gently poured in the Future and added the green and blue clear Tamiya paint. I cut some tree branches and stuck them into the sand and on into the foam. I used some left over sailing ship rope and tied it to the 2 post and to the Mariner’s wing pontoon’s.

The plane is sitting on the sand however when the tide comes in there will be 4 feet of water around the plane. The crew can push the plane out to deeper water and turn it around then get in and close the door. The pilots can start the engines and they can taxi out to deeper water then take off into the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean’s sky.


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7 responses to My Other Ocean Water Model.

  1. Nicely done Rodney.

  2. Another excellent posting Rodney !!! These seaplanes of yours are very realistic looking. Well done my friend.

  3. Nicely done, congrats!

  4. Hi Guy’s!!!!!

    Thanks for the nice comments. I think the main reason that my look-alike ocean water look’s like real ocean beaches is due to me living in Samoa for 7 year’s and going to the beach on week-ends with my wife and kids, plus spending about 700 hours “SCUBA” diving.

    I have lots of beach photos in my Samoan photo collection and looked at a couple of them while trying to make a beach scene.

    I guess I should post my “T-rex” or some more armor and/or cars….then I gotta get busy on my airliner collection as I have over 25 of them.


  5. lookin good my dude

  6. Nice, Brayden.


    …needs a shark in that water, though…

  7. David: Your right…….But when I was making the water, I looked in my spare parts box and there were no fish at all, let alone a shark………….joke!!!

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