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Restoring an old friend.

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  1. Restoring an old friend.
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Well hello everyone, I’m back and I’ve noticed I haven’t posting anything in a while, so thought I would just bring everyone up to date with what I’m doing. So this a hasagawa 1/48 scale p-51 mustang that was in horrible condition. (I forgot to take pics of it before I removed the paint, but believe me it was in pretty bad condition.) I removed all its old paint by soaking in brake fluid for 36hr-48hr. ( I’ve tested this brake fluid on other model pieces before hand, so it did damage or harden any of the pieces.) Then I cleaned with some oil removing soap, Dawn dish soap, and gave it a new interior paint job. I’ll be posting more pics after finish a little bit more on it, but that might take a little while because of decal finding, spare parts and more cleaning. So for now hope you enjoy these pictures and thanks for looking.


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8 responses to Restoring an old friend.

  1. Great project, Noah! I’m sure you’ll do it proud.

  2. Thanks Jeff, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a broken p-51. 🙂

  3. You gave me an idea to fix one of my old friends.

  4. Go for it Jordyn and if you mess up remember it was messed up to begin with. Also, if you do, make sure to take pics, I would like to see them.

    Note: if using brake fluid, like I did, make sure you test on a spare part before you put it on what you want to work on. Some brake fuilfs will eat though or harden your plastic and make it bridal. Learned that from a horrible experience. 🙂

  5. Cockpit is looking good!

  6. I prefer non caustic oven cleaner to remove unwanted paint !!

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