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I think Tamiya made this “Vinyl” kit. It went together just fine in the o.o.b. mode. I found it somewhat difficult to sand the vinyl where the body and legs joined together, so I did the best I could.

None of the expert’s knew what the skin color was on these animals that lived 65 million year’s ago, so I choose Tamiya’s light tan and a medium brown colors and used my Badger-200 air brush and sprayed on the colors. I hand painted the mouth, teeth and the eyes. I used my Waldron punch set and punched out the 2 center eye section’s.

I already knew that the model would not stand up on just one foot. I made a “Plaster-of-Paris” base which looked like a flat rock desert type of landscape. Before the plaster dried, I pushed in the animals two feet to represent it walking through some wet mud.

I drill a hole in the plaster and one up in the standing leg of T-Rex. I inserted a 1/8″ diameter solid brass rod down into the plaster and left the end stick up about an inch and added super glue to the area. I carefully pushed the dinosaur’s leg down on top of the brass rod. The foot set perfectly into the impression that I made in the semi-dried plaster which was painted a desert sandstone rock color.

While cleaning up around our outdoor sunken swimming pool one afternoon I found a dead bird that some bugs had eaten all the feather’s, skin and meat off the bones. Surveying the situation I could tell that the bird’s skeleton was all there on the bare ground. Lo and behold it looked like a bird of 65 million years ago when these great animals lived so this bleached out little bird’s skeleton became part of my T-REX’s diorama. The model still looks just like these photos as it’s kept in a big cardboard box with its’ original cardboard top.

More dinosaur’s coming real soon!


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  1. I wouldn’t want one of these chasing after me !!! Good thing the T-Rex was not on the planet at the same time as we were……………… Dinosaurs are still are here on earth today, but now they’re much smaller and also have wings and feathers………..Some haven’t changed much at all and still look the same……… Take a good look at a crocodile or an alligator sometime and you will see what I mean.

    The bone pile looks very cool by the way………….. and is a real descendant of T-Rex. The work on the eyes is amazing too. Thanks for the building tips you always post with your articles.


    • All of us should leave some building tips. Most all of mine came from clicking on “Think” & Experiment” in my brain computer, buy the computer is slowly shutting down after 88 years of use. The repair canter went out of business……….!!!!! Most times when I take photo’s, the photo will tell you what I was doing.

  2. I knew a friend who sold his own copies of these exact Tamiya kits. He was a good and gentle man who normally wouldn’t do anything illegal, but his love of the mighty T-Rex was so great he set up his own moulds, gave up his day job, and he just made T-Rex copies all day, every day. His obsession cost him his wife, his kids, and eventually, his freedom. He’s currently serving a 9 year sentence for small arms dealing.

    Great model. Who doesn’t love a dinosaur?


  3. My other or rather a “TRICERATOPS-EURYCEPHALUS” is commmmmmmming next………….I just love how these guys dream up names for things……..just look at the advertisements for pills on TV.

  4. his expression is like: “He painted me, BEST…DAY…EVER!!!”

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