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1/48 Heinkel He 100

It is perhaps fortunate for the Royal Air Force that during the dramatic summer months of 1940 this aircraft was not available to the Luftwaffe. A range 30 per cent higher along with a significant speed and climb rate advantage over the Bf 109 E would have made this plane a very difficult opponent to the defending Hurricanes and Spitfires. Despite these advantages The RLM decided not to put this outstanding aircraft into full scale production. The dozen or so He 100’s produced were instead used for propaganda purposes by painting various bogus unit insignia markings and numbers on these planes to deceive the Allies that indeed this plane was in full scale squadron use. This deception apparently worked as combat reports from RAF pilots stated they engaged these aircraft on numerous occasions.

This is the old, circa early 1990’s, Medallion Models resin kit. It was built with the addition of Eduard Super Fabric seat belts and a little scratch work in the cockpit and on the landing gear. Polyscale, Lifecolor and Vallejo paints were used.

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10 responses to 1/48 Heinkel He 100

  1. Great job! Nice looking aircraft.

  2. Lovely build! I guess we all should be greatful that Luftwaffe and RLM politicking precluded this aircraft from mass production…wide track undercarriage may have meant less accidents, easier handling and more pilots and airframes available, not to mention the superior performance.

  3. Nice looking model! Yes I think fortunately for the free world the politics of the German arms industry and the meddling of Hitler kept a great many weapons systems form either reaching full production, or not being used for their full potential. Picture if production of the Tigers had been stopped to make the Late Model Panther G, or worse yet the F, or if the Me 262 had been left as a pure fighter, or….the list could go on! At any rate, love the build!

  4. Nicely done Dale. Was not familiar with this A/C until now. Well done.

  5. Thanks to all for the positive comments!!

  6. I thought that kit looked familiar. I used to know the guy who did Medallion Models. This was one of the best all-resin kits from 30 years ago, and it obviously meets the test of time as you have demonstrated. Like the P-36/Hawk-75, this is probably still the best kit of this airplane in 1/48.

    Nice work!

  7. Nice build of a rare subject – looks great!

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