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A classic.....then disaster!

February 20, 2020 · in Uncategorized · · 8 Comments

Picked up this gem at Skyway here in Seattle, original 1974 M3 Stuart kit everything in it including the little tube of glue! Everything in Kanji! I had been looking for a good first issue of this kit for a long time. You can find them on line, but that can be risky, is it really a '74? Or a 2000s re-pop? I know it has well documented flaws, which I won't go into, as i really don't care! This was a kit I just couldn't afford as a youngster, kits were out of my price range, and I only got them from my big brother for birthdays or Christmas. Anyway if you want an accurate Stuart, get the new kit it looks to be amazing. I was happily building away (I'll post some build pics once I'm done) when...disaster struck. I opened a new tube of Squadron white putty, and nothing came out after piercing the foil. Hmmmm, okay plunged it with a toothpick and try again...SPLOIIIK! The crimp at the bottom failed and it squirted out! Not only that it travelled far enough to get on the hull of my 45 year old kit! Disaster! Well I was upset and sent a terse letter to Squadron customer service, explaining my disappointment. They contacted me right away and asked what year and what kit. I told them 1974 M3 Stuart. I then got an email telling me they had located a '74 vintage kit and once they received it they would send it to me! Wow, that's going a step beyond. I thought maybe they would offer a re-pop or maybe even the current new tool one, but to seek out an exact replacement well that's pretty cool. More later once it arrives!

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  1. Wow...pretty impressive that they are doing that! Hope it works out.

  2. Rob, Very cool I love good customer service, even more when the go the extra mile.

    On a side note, I too had some trouble with some squadron putty (the new grey color). upon removing the cap and popping open the foil seal, I found it to be very watery, and unusable. However I simple used a stir stick to mix it up some, then replaced the cap, placed it on its nose over night and all is now good. I say this just as message to all my model friends, not to be frustrated if this happens to them, its an easy fix.

    Happy days !

  3. What brand is your drill bit set? Are they good quality? I have a pretty lousy set and would like to upgrade...

  4. That is customer service Rob!

  5. Nice! I remember when Squadron had their shops through out the country. There was one here on Long Island.

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