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A russian cargo jet

I kinda went overboard on posting my photos, however I have way over a 125 “in-progress” building photos to choose from.

Everything went together just fine with all the parts, however I screwed up by not dry fitting the rear and front entry ramps before “Final Assembly;” (F.A.). I waited until the model was 100% finished and on its’ many wheel’s landing gear system, then proceeded to attach the rear lift gate on F.A. It fit into the two pre-installed bottom hinges perfectly. There was a long hydraulic piston system which was connected on either side of the ramp door and to the left and right upper inside’s of the fuselage. I discovered that these hydraulic piston’s that were in the kit was a bit too short, but I installed them anyways…’cause I was in a big hurry to finish the model…”HOW DUMB CAN A MODELER LIKE ME BECOME?” I did the same stupid thing to the front ramp…THE MODEL SET’S ON ITS’ GEARS PERFECTLY, BUT BOTH “RAMP” DOORS DO NOT SET ON MY FLAT TABLE TOP.

So here you have an almost perfect model built too fast by a modeler.

63 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to A russian cargo jet

  1. Beautifully done, I’m always impressed with the detail of these 1/144 scale airplanes. If you don’t mind my asking, what is the purpose of putting black in the panel lines before painting?

    • I was told to apply a black wash, then wet sand it off with 600 wet/dry 3M sandpaper as that will show all the imperfections in the kit plastic such as unfilled seams, sink marks, scratches. My sandpaper is kept in clear clean water 24/7

  2. Impressive build. The photos of the build sequence really help … The stand alone photos of the model when complete really don’t give a feel for how big this kit is. Only , when you photograph some of the build sequence showing the parts such the wheels with the penny do you get a feel for the size of this kit.

    Two thumbs

    • Like the above comment……..I was told to photograph parts and/or completed models with a coin, and sometimes I used a cola can, cause people in England & Europe may have never seen and/or owned an American penny. I had to cut open my old cardboard box so the model would fit in as it had a nice top to the box and keeps out 97% of dust that is in the air.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Bravo! A magnificent giant!

  4. I think its a beautiful model of a subject you don’t see very often. A testament to how far a model can go, if you just focus on the basics.

  5. Thanks Dave………..well it’s been many months since we passed email’s as you were going to go to school to learn the new airplane system.

    So what’s up now???? send answer to my foxx email address!

    Rodney in Irvine..

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