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February 11, 2020 · in Aviation · · 1.1K

This segment is titled "C-124A-WINGS/ENGINES" and is Part 3 of the build.

I started building the 4 engines which went together A-OK. I added some thin card stock to the inside of the motor frames. When I slipped on the front end of the engines I could align all of them properly, which as you know is necessary in model building.

The small hinges for the flaps were attached and sanded. I added some small pieces of card stock to the 4 main gear doors so I could glue them onto the wheel well openings

Of course there are missing panel line which needed to be re-scribed. With all this work finished it was time to align and install the wings to the fuselage. I did not have any major problem doing this compared to the tail section.

I use some round/square plastic rods and push then into the landing gear sockets. I make sure that they are the same length. I set the model on the top of my table and take measurement's from each wing tip to the table which will give me a true measurement of each wing. For proper alignment the two measurement should be the same and if they are not you must break the seam on one wing and push it up and/or down so it matches the other wing. You re-glue the wing, sand and re-scribe its' panel line's. ((No photo included)).

The last segment will be the painting and photography.

Remember...Model building is fun...Enjoy! RJW.

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