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February 11, 2020 · in Aviation · · 1 Comment

Masking and painting was a bit time consuming, but in the end it was worth applying and removing all that tape. None of the paints was pulled off by the tape.

My first photo shows a printed color side view by which shows the final operation for the painting and decaling. The kit decals were excellent and I just cut around each one and removed any extra clear film. All of the decal's were applied with my "MicroSol/MicroSet" mix that I made up back in the mid to late 1980's.

Somewhere during this process, I installed all 3 landing gears but for some reason, there are no photos of this segment, and I still took 300 photos.

My last task was to cut a piece of 0.10" I.D. stainless steel tubing and insert my 2 long pieces of black ladies hair that represent my antenna wires. The model is set on a non-skid piece of cloth, then I glue the two hairs into a pre-drilled 0.08" diameter hole into the leading edge of the front top of the fin. I push each hair into the front two posts which have a pre-drilled 0.08" or maybe a 010" diameter hole in a 0.20" diameter white round rod that has been glued into the top of the fuselage. I carefully pull and stretch each hair real tight, then tape them to the desk-top pad. I push the model back slightly to make sure the hair is tight, then carefully I apply a a tiny drop of thin super glue where the hair come's through the tiny post. I inspect these hairs and if all went well, I use a new #11 blade and cut the hair off.

It's photo time so I attach some white roll up-down card stock to my work bench area and tape it to the desk top. Since I'm a retired professional film producer & still photographer with over 60 years experience I have no problem taking excellent photo's. But like anything in life, at times I screw up my photo's.

A note about the human hair: I have models that are over 35 years old and the hair is still tight as "all get out" as we say here in America.

Enjoy: RJW

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  1. Must have been hairy to be the loadmaster responsible for getting the weight right. Not much room for error if having a kilo too much in the rear section. Biggest tailsitter ever. Funny they added all that orange bits to wings and tail, as if it would make it easier to spot if losing such a giant in Alaska or Greenland. Nice build. Must be huge even in that scale.

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