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Exciting News from AirCorps Library

I've been a subscriber to AirCorps Library for a few year now. I've been able to get several manuals for the CAF SB2C-5 and a few other aircraft. They've had drawings in the past, but this is a WHOLE new chapter in their story.

Announced today:

"The secret is out, and we are proud to introduce the Ken Jungeberg Collection!

In 1988 North American Aviation was planning to burn their original engineering drawings and technical manuals. Fortunately for us, one man decided that wasn't going to happen. That man was Ken Jungeberg!

The materials to be burned included many historically important items, such as the 73X (or X73) drawings, that were used to develop the in 120 days! Ken was able to save these hand drawn original technical drawings that will help change what we know about these airplanes and how they came to be!

After working with Ken for months, AirCorps is excited to announce that we have taken ownership of Ken's materials, and are calling it the Ken Jungeberg Collection.

We will be working to organize, sort, and catalog the drawings in the collection, so that they will be available to WWII enthusiasts for artistic value and technical research.

If you'd like to learn more about this incredible collection check out Ester's Blog post here:"

Video here:

AirCorps Library on Facebook:


5 responses

  1. I am not supersized that a for profit corporation would do away with history because, of something that is not relevant in promoting their brand and contributing to their share holders interests. It seems that the powers that be have monetized the value of everything these days. History is priceless. "Truth" is out there and some people have vision.

    Good news indeed and its great to read that some people are going to preserve our history( The Allies) and teach future generations with what so many people sacrificed their lives for. North American Aviation was not just a label but, a group of people who came together and helped
    put together the P-51 and preserve democracy.

  2. About 20 years ago, a fellow modeler worked at "NATC." One day he went to the Naval archives in Wash/D.C. and found the full drawings for the F2G Corsair, so he got a copy in 1/2 scale which turns out to be a 15 foot long side view of the aircraft the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, (GAC) made. I was going to buy a copy @ USD$1.50 per foot, but I never got around to it. I was informed that the Naval Archives has plans for just about every Navy plane ever built. RW

    And thanks for posting these items...they are worth their weight in Gold!

  3. Great story and I'm so glad the plans are safe!

  4. Awesome! Its great someone realized they weren't garbage and did something about it!

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