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ICM Tupolev-2

Hello members of this craft.
Here is another tryout on techniques with this ICM Tu-2.
It was part of a lot I bought. One I did not anticipate building so it became a skillbuilder kit.
First time using an airbrush, wrong spray distance and pressure settings, speed, quantity of acrylics… on top of a difficult assembly requiring some scratch building in the landing gear.
From the onset I realised I had to learn a lot ! So I proceeded ! The iCM people did design well. But not for the technology available in styrene moulds.

For the finale I wanted to venture my first step in weathering. An imaginary Soviet winter camouflage on dark green The Mig Jimenez washable agent is kind of amazing. After drying I did 2 sessions. One, one hour after application on the left wing . This with a beauty salon mini brush for scratching. The next session was 24 hours later with a rag on the right wing. That removed too much ! Just add water and the acrylic paint becomes scratchable. Strange stuff.

That’s where I left off . I may later play with it again. It’s not top coated.
The decals were from other kits. The originals just disintegrated. I borrowed the OK on the fuselage from a Chinese rocket launcher tank my son built. Just OK , there the pun !

The TU-2 came late in WW2 and like most soviet weaponry not mush in way of photos or info. Imagine snapping photos at airfields in communist Russia during their struggle with Nazi Germany. Let alone owning a camera for that matter. You probably would have not gotten away with that.

It was used by North Korea against us and by China in the conquest and annexation of Tibet.

Not a pretty history although the plane itself has esthetic appeal . Lots of glass giving it a bug like appearance. There is an ex-Chinese Air Force one to be seen in the USA at The War Eagles air museum in Santa-Teresa New- Mexico. I hope to see it someday.

On to the next one… happy modelling!

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great weathering results, nicely done! Looks ok to me

  2. Looks good! Similar to the Pe-2 (I recently finished one – also in winter camo). Keep practicing – every model ends up better than the one before!

  3. Thank you all. This site lets beginners like me reach out to you all and get encouragement. Your models look amazing. it’s inspiring.

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